Solar Power

How Much Can Solar Save You?

Price per watt of a Solar PV installation is about half what it was just a few years ago! When you purchase a solar energy system from a NASS member store you also benefit from our shared buying power. We are able to pass on deeper savings to our customers because we buy as a network not as an individual contractor. NASS offers both U.S. and Internationally made components to its member stores. Right now the time is very conducive for continued growth of consumer adoption of solar technology across North America. That translates into the best deal ever for Solar Panel Installations - Solar PV Electric or Solar Hot Water.

Solar is Now Cost Effective

As solar costs have dropped, the worldwide demand for conventional "dirty" energy production using oil, gas and coal has increased. That translates into higher prices from our utility companies per kilowatt hour (pKh). We have reached the point of price parody where producing your own electricity will be comparable or less than buying it from big power companies. Home and small business use of solar will continue to become less expensive to produce yourself than it will be to buy power from the utility. Monthly bills will continue to rise as the solar adopters will have a smooth, even cost that is predicable right from the start. The cost of installing a solar electric or solar hot water system that meets your needs can be amortized out over a period of years with a loan and still amount to a lower monthly payment than the continually rising power bills. The life of most all solar installations is at least 25 years so one your investment is fully paid off, you will look forward to good part of that time when you will be paying absolutely nothing for your energy.

Solar Energy Incentives

Incentives are great, and if they are available by all means take advantage of them! But the reality is that solar doesn't need any state or federal programs to work for you. At NASS our member stores stay current on the status of all state and federal assistance that can help to make your solar investment more appealing. We are fully committed to making solar affordable with NO incentives, making economic sense only on its own merits. But, by all means if help is available we will assist you in crafting your system to comply and helping you with the necessary paperwork in order to get the most benefit that's available.

Your Solar Panel Installation is a Sound Investment

Buy Solar With Confidence

The bottom line for consumers is that if solar equipment is more affordable all they need is reliable solar equipment installers and retail Solar Stores to feel comfortable with. That's where the special appeal of NASS comes in! Each one of our member stores is not only fully trained in solar products and installation they have seasoned expert technicians and experienced service departments too. Our independently owned brick-and-mortar stores have all been running their businesses in related alternative energy and heating products for years. That means they have an earned reputation and are well known as quality providers in their local markets.

How Much Will It Cost

Prices for solar panel installations vary based on many criteria, but each NASS member store is more than willing to sit down with you in their showroom and design a plan that will work for your needs. Then they will provide a solid, fair estimate for the job and may even be able to assist with financing too. Each member has owned their own business for years, and many times for decades so they will be a trusted advisor and a solid choice for your solar installation. Visit our North American Solar Stores location page and find a member store near you to get your estimate started. If you don't see anyone in your state yet, don't worry we are growing very rapidly and expect to add more stores early this summer. Sign up for updates here.

Solar Energy Production Soars as Prices Drop

The U.S. solar industry employed 260,077 workers last year, a nearly 25% increase in the number of jobs from 2015. The rise in installations was caused by a rapid decrease in the cost of solar panels and unprecedented consumer demand.

The National Solar Jobs Census 2016, the seventh annual report on solar employment issued by The Solar Foundation, says installed solar capacity is projected to grow a record 14 gigawatts in 2016, almost double the 7.5 GW growth experienced in 2015. With such a gain, solar will likely exceed all other sources of new electric generating capacity for the year, according to the report.

The solar jobs census follows a U.S. Department of Energy study released last month that found more Americans work in solar than at natural gas or coal power plants. The DOE report says 187,117 workers are employed at coal, oil, and natural gas power plants compared to nearly 374,000 people in the solar industry.

Solar Power - The Time is Now.

US Solar Market Grows 95% in 2016, Smashes Records

In its biggest year to date, the United States solar market nearly doubled its annual record, topping out at 14,626 megawatts of solar PV installed in 2016. This represents a 95 percent increase over the previous record of 7,493 megawatts installed in 2015.

For the first time ever, U.S. solar ranked as the No. 1 source of new electric generating capacity additions on an annual basis. In total, solar accounted for 39 percent of new capacity additions across all fuel types in 2016. As a result of a remarkable 2016, the U.S. is now home to more than 1.3 million solar PV installations, with a cumulative capacity of over 40 gigawatts.

Over the next five years, the cumulative U.S. solar market is expected to nearly triple in size, even as a slight dip is expected in 2017.

On average, U.S. solar photovoltaic (PV) system pricing fell by nearly 20 percent in 2016. This is the greatest average year-over-year price decline since GTM Research began modelling pricing in this report series.

“It would be hard to overstate how impressive 2016 was for the solar industry,” said Abigail Ross Hopper, SEIA’s president and CEO. “Prices dropped to all-time lows, installations expanded in states across the country and job numbers soared. The bottom line is that more people are benefitting from solar now than at any point in the past, and while the market is changing, the broader trend over the next five years is going in one direction – and that’s up.”

Solar is the fastest growing source of energy in the world. It is an unlimited supply of safe, clean and affordable renewable energy that can be used reliably both for heating and electric power. Currently only about 1% of our energy use in the U.S. comes from solar. Yet a recent poll shows that 9 out of 10 people in the U.S. are in support of developing and using more solar in the country (Kelton Research). We are facing a boom in the residential and small business solar energy system installations that can include you too.

You may choose only to defray the costs of buying electricity by installing a supplemental solar power generation system or you may want to cut all ties and become energy independent. Grid-tied systems sell back excess power to the utility company during peak solar months when your system generated more energy than you will use. Yes, they will send you a check instead of you paying their bill - wouldn't that be a treat!

Solar Power - Go Green

Solar Energy is The Greenest Power

A home with a 10kw PV Solar installation over it's likely thirty-five year life will reduce carbon dioxide emissions in an offset amount equal to planting nearly 1500 trees. The power used will also compare to the 950k lbs of carbon dioxide, 4200 lbs of sulfur dioxide and over 1300 lbs of nitrogen oxides that would have been produced using traditional utility energy production. During the life of the home solar system it will produce over 540,000 kWh of electricity. An astounding 580,000 lbs of coal would have been used to create that much energy. Solar is about as green as you can go.

Solar Energy produces the cleanest energy there is. No byproducts, no waste, no carbon dioxide. It is completely renewable as every day we wake up the sun produces more energy for us to tap into.

Increasing Utility Bills?

Say Goodbye To The Forever Mortgage

The boom in solar installations that will truly explode in the next few years is fueled by utility rates which have risen at a much higher rate than inflation for the past 5 years. Big utilities are diversifying into "greener" power generation, but it seems unlikely that they will ever pass any lower operating cost on to consumers. That means that we need to take control of our own energy generation if we are looking for lower costs and greener, cleaner solutions.

While Big Energy invests billions in great environmentally sound projects to generate part of the gigawatt increases that we will see across the U.S. and Canada you will still likely be stuck paying higher and higher utility bills. As consumers, we don't need gigawatts or even megawatts, we only need to generate enough energy to become independent of big energy's hold on our wallet. Think of the electric bill as a perpetual "lifestyle" mortgage on your property, if you want power you need to pay the never ending payments.

Instead of paying 60,000 or much more in electric bills over the next 25 years (200 per mo. at today's rates which are likely to continue increasing) you can invest in clean solar powered electric and once the system is paid for you can enjoy free energy for the life of your system. Most systems are rated to have a 25 year life with very little fall off in production capability over time.

Now that solar electric and solar thermal systems have reached a price point where they make sound financial sense we are seeing more and more individual homeowners and small businesses installing their own solar power plants. The average home that practices energy efficiency can plan on a 6 KW solar electric system providing enough energy to power all their family's needs. Go ahead and talk with one of our member stores and find out the facts for yourself, you will be pleasantly surprised at the solar choices you will have.

All North American Solar Store members have the ability to customize projects to fit not only your home or building, but also to fit your budget. Even by using traditional financing to leverage your solar investment you may realize a net positive monthly cash flow (by reducing or eliminating the utility bill) and long term savings that makes sense for you whether you own a business, farm or for your personal residence.

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