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A HearthStone stove is not simply ‘manufactured’.  They’re hand-crafted, by a loyal team of highly respected and dedicated craftspeople.  HearthStone has a long tradition of pride, excellence and commitment to the environment.  That philosophy started in the 1970’s and continues to this day.

All our products use soapstone . . . . the perfect heating material.  Soapstone is the best material for storing and radiating heat.  It’s often described as a softer, more even and longer lasting heat when compared to cast iron or steel.  All of our efficient appliances go beyond the EPA’s requirements for clean burning standards, making them an eco-friendly and obvious choice for today’s homeowner.

It’s interesting that no two soapstone stoves are identical.  Each HearthStone stove is individually unique because of the natural properties and the beautiful veining in soapstone.  Over time, these blues and greys and greens will deepen with age adding more charm to your heating equipment.  Soapstone does not get as hot to the touch as cast iron or steel.  So, rest easy if you have children or pets in the home.

For those looking for a more traditional look, HearthStone does offer a line of cast iron products too.  Because of the advantages of soapstone, we’ve lined the inside of our cast iron products with soapstone so customers can still take enjoy the benefits of the stone.

All of HearthStone’s TruHybrid™ stoves burn exceptionally clean, both before and after you engage the catalyst.  Our system combines primary and secondary combustion air with tertiary combustion using a catalyst.  This cleans up and eliminates any unburned smoke particles and gases.  It may sound complicated, but our equipment is very easy to use and is extremely reliable and dependable.

HearthStone’s Green Energy Promise is a commitment for the future. By selecting a sustainable heating fuel, we’re electing to protect our environment today and for future generations as well.

Combine the latest engineering, impressive designs and the latest technology, the result is a truly amazing and unique product.  Hand made in Vermont, our heating products are the best wood, gas and pellet appliances available today.

Your WE LOVE FIRE expert looks forward to seeing you.  We’re glad to answer any questions you have on the entire HearthStone product line.

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