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When you buy a stove, fireplace or chimney liner from one of the WE LOVE FIRE retailer partners, you aren’t just buying a product. You also get the promise of excellent service and maintenance. We’re committed to building long-lasting relationships with our customers.

For safety reasons and to make the most of your fire no matter what type you choose, it’s essential to carry out annual inspections and cleaning. This is especially important for fires and stoves that burn wood, gas or pellets.

We keep our promise

The many WE LOVE FIRE retailer partners commit to providing an after-sales service and regular maintenance during the whole life of your appliance. They keep this promise when it comes to inspections, cleaning, repairs or emergencies.

In any case, your fire is likely to need some kind of repair at some point during its lifetime. Many retailers have a special team dedicated to refurbishing and replacing components and can get a wide range of parts from the manufacturer.

You can trust the quality of our service

Our staff and contractors at WE LOVE FIRE's retailer partners are trained to answer all your questions about products, including installation services, chimneys and venting systems.

When you deal with WE LOVE FIRE's retailer partner, you deal with a family owned business, dedicated to service your community. You will get quality products and experts who are keen to help you by providing the best service. This applies whether you’re buying a product or looking for installation, maintenance or repairs.

For more information, contact your nearest WE LOVE FIRE retailer partner.

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