Electric Fireplaces

Electric Fireplaces

Credit for the photos goes to Amantii Electric Fireplaces

Thanks to electric fireplaces, you can enjoy a good fire any time of year!

There are many different types, including those that look like a traditional fireplace, those with a decorative frame, upright fireplaces or the kind that slot into a space. While the flame is going, electric fireplaces will let you turn on or off the heat output, which is always a benefit during the summer.

The main features

Modern electric fireplaces use the latest technology and this gives their flames a real 3D look. They’re modern looking, maintenance-free and only need an electrical supply to work. Simply connect the appliance and enjoy a fire anywhere, even outdoors!

The versatility of this type of fireplace makes it ideal for different homes. They’re especially good for properties with limited space or other kinds of restrictions, such as condos, and apartments where installing a chimney would be impossible.

Electric fireplaces don’t need any chimney. You can install them in a jiffy and enjoy the ambience and warmth at the flick of a switch. Unlike an open fireplace, an electric fireplace is safe to use day and night.

An affordable option

Electric fireplaces are very affordable and there are different options to suit small, medium and larger budgets. What's more, electric fireplaces and stoves only cost a few cents a day to run. You can also reduce your bill by using zone heating. This method let you set a comfortable temperature in the most-used rooms in your home. Electric heat is 100% efficient!

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