The Tools!

Tools for grills

Keen chefs don’t just need a good grill. They also need good tools to go with it. WE LOVE FIRE retailers’ partners are pleased to offer you a full range of high quality tools such as the Napoleon grill accessory range so you can get cracking and cook food like a pro.

Be well-equiped with knives, tongs, claws and more

For example, choose from quality knives, tongs, claws and maybe add a spatula and a hygienic, robust cutting board. Our retailers have an excellent range of everything you need to make your barbeque complete, including trays and grilling tools with stainless steel options for durability. If you’re serious about barbequing, opt for the professional series of tools and accessories and really show off to your family and guests.

Resistant gloves help you cook safely

Also, don’t forget those essentials like heat resistant gloves, an apron or two, food probes for testing meat and fish and hands-free lighting so you can see exactly what you’re doing!

You love your grill? Cover it!

Finally, you’ll benefit no end from a cover for your grill and/or food. Bag a few cooking accessories such as a rotisserie, a stainless steel skewer set and a pizza stone. Be really fancy and get a marinade injector or a roasting rack, including specialty racks and grids. Maybe throw in a wok to add to your collection. One thing you can be sure of, when you choose quality, it will last you a long time!

Clean also like a pro

The finishing touches are those essential tools and products for cleaning and maintenance, such as brushes and other handy items. After all, every good chef must leave a tidy cooking area behind once they’ve finished.

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