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Woodstove Novo 24 by Supreme


Supreme Fireplace is a company that prides itself on creative and innovative products that represent cutting edge engineering and manufacturing technology. They truly make awesome wood burning equipment!

Supreme is a family-owned business. We are too. Their business ethics and values, mirror ours.

Supremes’ state-of-the-art facility in Canada is where all the design and manufacturing are accomplished. How reassuring is it to own a fireplace from a company that thrives in a cold climate? They know first-hand what cold is all about. They understand how important your fireplace is to your loved ones during those cold winter days!

The name really says it all: Supreme Fireplace. With numerous patents and industry awards, Supreme has consistently been recognized as a leader with their high performing and energy efficient wood burning equipment. Since 1981, Supreme has pioneered technology that has redefined the art of modern fireplace design and operation. Their relentless attention to details is one of the reasons that the WE LOVE FIRE® is so proud to be aligned with this company.

Consider these interesting and unique features of a Supreme Fireplace:

  • An easy to light function and an automatic air control system.
  • Many products have a firebox lined with either cast iron or soapstone.
  • An impressive air wash system to keep the glass exceptionally clean.
  • Large glass doors that offer an unobstructed and impeccable view of the flames.
  • Easy to use air controls for long burns and consistent heat output.
  • Amazing efficiency with emissions of 2.2 grams/hour and lower on many models.
  • For you BBQ enthusiasts, some fireplaces models are equipped with a built-in grill!
  • Ingenious door operation and unique reversible panels are cleverly and attractively designed.
Cast Iron

Cast Iron



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Here’s another thing we think is impressive about Supreme. For years, they’ve passionately committed to implementing environmentally sound practices in every phase of their business. Their wood burning products go beyond the stringent EPA 2020 emissions requirements. Manufacturing processes do not negatively impact the environment. All packaging is made from recycled materials that can also be reclaimed in order to minimize landfill. Their philosophy has included a commitment to help create a more sustainable future for generations to come. We like that. A lot.

One of the pioneering technologies the Supreme is particularly proud of is the outstanding heating ability of the Astra series. This fireplace uses cast iron panels within a stainless steel firebox. Cast-iron is robust and highly resistant to overheating and provides excellent thermal protection. Heat is distributed evenly and efficiently, allowing the Astra to generate warmth quickly after lighting. These attributes guarantee long-lasting and consistent fires.

Supreme is so certain about the quality in their easy-to-use and reliable products, they’ve guaranteed them with a limited lifetime warranty. Quite impressive. How’s that for confidence?

We feel that when you choose a Supreme product, you should expect Supreme results. So, take your woodburning to the next level. Supreme Fireplace is just what the name implies; the ultimate appliance that will endure the test of time and provide incomparable comfort and beauty for your family. Can you picture a Supreme Fireplace in your home?

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