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Tools for Fireplaces and stoves

Essential tools

You’ve just had your new fireplace or stove fitted and all you need now is the right tools to make the most of your new acquisition. Don’t say you didn’t know that these accessories were more than just decorative items!

Different tools can help you manage your fire and fireplace. You'll find a suitable range of accessories for all budgets, including brooms, shovels, tongues, pokers and heat resistant brushes.

These accessories come in different styles and you can choose the kind you want to complement your décor. Also, choose from different materials such as brushed nickel, copper or cast iron. Whether you prefer standard, compact or smaller sets, everything comes with a guarantee lasting several years.

For safety reasons, aesthetics and to save energy, you should also think about adding doors or a screen to your masonry fireplace.

Fireplace doors

When choosing your doors, you need to decide whether you want a custom set or whether the standard range offered by the retailer will be suitable. Retailers usually stock doors in different sizes and these are designed for square openings. This option has its advantages and can also save you quite a lot of money.

If your fireplace has a unique shape, it’s better to opt for custom doors to ensure a perfect fit. In any case, custom-made doors can be in any style and colour you choose. Unless you choose some types of steel doors, almost anything’s possible!


You can buy three different types of screen.

Fire guards are designed to keep sparks and other debris inside the hearth and away from combustible home items. They also protect children and pets from the flames. The screens have one or more panels and should be placed so they overlap the top and sides of the fireplace by one inch.

When placed in front of a fireplace, folding screens must be about three to four inches wider than the fireplace when you’re burning wood. For gas fires, they need to overlap by an inch. It’s important to note that the width marked on the packaging is for the screen when it’s flat packed. Therefore, you need to multiply the size of your fireplace by 20% to 30% to take the folds of the screen into account. Screens with three and four panels are the most popular types. Screens with three panels give you a clearer view of the fire while four panel screens are more traditional and are easier to fold and store. Five-panel screens are less common but are an excellent option for fireplaces that have a very large opening.

Mesh metal screens are also very popular and these fit to an open fireplace with the help of supports or legs to keep them upright. They usually extend ½ an inch over the top and across the sides of the fireplace.

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