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5 Challenges With Burning Wood And What To Do About It

In this article we’re going to discuss typical questions that come up regarding burning wood. Specifically, let’s talk about the efficiency of wood burning equipment, routine maintenance that’s necessary, safety concerns for you and your loved ones, sustainability and fuel costs. If you’re thinking about adding a wood-burning fireplace, stove or fireplace insert to your…
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Should Natural Gas Be Banned?

The issue of a natural gas ban is certainly a hot topic issue in the USA and Canada that could affect millions of people. The entire premise behind this controversy stems from attempts to reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere and to improve public health. Some feel very passionate that there are compelling reasons to…
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Preppers Guide

This is not a how-to article on how to survive for weeks after the apocalypse hits. This is intended to be a commonsense approach to keep your family and loved ones safe, warm and well-fed during an emergency. Whether it’s for a day or two or a couple of weeks, if a weather-related event takes…
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Quotes We Love

"Winter is the time of year that brings people together to celebrate the warmth of their homes, the love of their families, and the comfort of good food." - Melanie Charlene "Winter is the time for stories, staying by the fire, and making memories with the ones you love." - Unknown "Cozy and comfortable is…
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BBQ: Delicious or Dangerous?

Are BBQ Ribs Healthy? Ah, BBQ ribs. The quintessential summer food. What's not to love? Tender, juicy meat, slathered in tangy, smoky sauce. But let's be real. BBQ ribs aren't exactly health food. They're high in fat and calories, and loaded with sodium. But don't let that stop you from enjoying them. There are ways…
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The History of BBQ

Everyone loves to claim their ancestors invented BBQ. For example, American and BBQ are as “American as apple pie” neither of which was invented in the USA1. South Americans natives on the other hand, proudly proclaim the word Barbecue comes from ‘Barbacoa,’ a lattice used to cook and smoke meat. Polynesians will top it by…
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How to Stack Cordwood

If you have recently purchased a wood burning fireplace, stove or insert or if you’re a seasoned old wood tick, this article has important details regarding stacking and drying your fuel supply. It’s critical to burn dry wood, but is there a best way to stack and allow wood to dry? Please keep reading to…
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Electric fireplace: How to?

The appeal of an electric fireplace is no surprise. The vibrant colors and lighting effects are truly astounding! They make a wonderful focal point to any room. And, they’re so easy to operate. There can be many questions that come up when discussing electric fireplaces. This is another article that is intended to answer more…
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Electric Fireplace : How they Work

Electric fireplaces are more popular than ever. Their beauty, versatility, cleanliness, and performance are truly impressive. In this article, we’ll discuss several frequent questions that often arise when the subject of electric fireplaces comes up. How does an electric fireplace work? Do electric fireplace really heat? How to operate an electric fireplace? How long can…
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Electric Fireplaces: Accessories

You've purchased an electric fireplace, and you're now wondering about options and accessories to enhance its look. These questions come to mind: What are the manufacturer's offers? Will it improve the appeal and looks of the fireplace? Would any accessories be worth spending a little extra money? This article will give you a perspective on…
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General advice: electric fireplaces

Electric fireplaces are very popular, and for good reasons. The colored lighting effects, several different media options, super convenient and easy to use are just some of the reasons why electric fireplaces are so prevalent in homes today. If you’re thinking of an electric fireplace for your home, there may be some questions you’ve been…
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How fireplaces work ?

There are two types of wood burning fireplaces: masonry and zero-clearance (or factory built) models. How they are built and the components used during installation are different, but the principles of how they work is the same. So, let’s discuss the basics of how a wood burning fireplace operates. THE MOST IMPORTANT DETAIL! Combustion air,…
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How To Prepare My Fireplace For The Off-Season

Whether you use your fireplace, stove, or insert every day or occasionally, end-of-season maintenance items should be done.  Doesn’t matter if it’s wood, gas, or pellets; you’re wise to follow through with these preparations sooner rather than later. Here’s why. INTERESTING STATISTICS According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the Federal Emergency Management…
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Our Top 8 Products

The WE LOVE FIRE dealer network has put together this summary of our top eight products picks.  Understand that these are not our top eight most popular items or our best sellers, but eight of the most interesting and innovative products available from your WE LOVE FIRE dealer.  All these products are designed to make your life more pleasant, a bit easier and definitely more enjoyable.

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Who Installs Fireplaces?

You have been thinking of fireplace in your home for a while and now you are ready to buy one. But who should you hire to install your new fireplace? Or maybe you ask yourself "Can I install my fireplace myself?". This article will help you clear things up and guide you to make a wise choice!

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Steven Raichlen’s Brisket ’Steaks’ with Shallot Sage Butter

A chef there had the genius idea to cook thick slabs of barbecued brisket on a screaming hot grill, just as you would a New York strip. This gave the brisket a sizzling, crusty exterior that lay midway between traditional barbecued brisket and steak, with a handsome smoky crosshatch of grill marks. It’s also a great way to repurpose leftover barbecued brisket!

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Why Is My Fireplace Beeping?

You really enjoy your gas fireplace and what it adds to your home . . . . the wonderful heat from it, the dancing flames and glowing embers and especially how easy it is to use.  But suddenly, it’s making an odd, beeping noise.

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How Do I Clean My Fireplace Glass?

Once or twice a year, it’s a good idea to clean the glass on your fireplace, stove or insert.  So just spray on a little window cleaner and wipe it off, right?  Cleaning fireplace glass isn’t a big deal.  Wrong!  There are right and wrong ways to clean the glass on your fireplace.  Some “do’s” and some “don’ts”.

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Can a Fireplace Be Removed?

There are a few reasons for considering removing a fireplace.  Can it be done?  How practical would it be to do so?  Is it expensive?  Are there any cost effective alternatives?  Let’s try to help you determine if removing a fireplace is a project you should be contemplating.

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Interview with Wayne Visbeen

Get to know one of our favorite architects, Wayne Visbeen, and the way he uses fire when creating the home of your dreams.

Founder of Visbeen Architects Inc., Wayne Visbeen, AIA, IIDA, is a licensed architect and registered interior designer. Visbeen has the skill and vision to make any dream become a reality, whether it be a commercial or residential project. Striving to make every plan unique, his designs are both functionally efficient and visually stunning.

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Why a Fireplace Insert?

Do you have a house with a wood burning fireplace that doesn’t provide any heat to your home? What can be done to provide more heat to your family room? Let’s discuss why a fireplace insert is a terrific way to update that old, inefficient outdated fireplace.

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What is Creosote?

What is Creosote? Where does it come from? How to prevent its buildup in your chimney? This article answers these questions and offers a guide to ensure you keep your family safe while enjoying your fireplace!

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How is a Gas Fireplace Installed?

How are gas fireplaces installed? Some online resources may show a step by step process to help the DIY in you. Gas fireplaces involve fire and gas, inside the home! Understanding the process is important. Having the certified experts to do the work is of the outmost importance. This article highlights what is involved in installing a gas fireplace.

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