How to Measure Arched Fireplace Doors

We’ve explained how to measure for a new set of doors for your gas fireplace, a zero clearance wood-burning fireplace and a masonry fireplace. But what about a masonry fireplace that was made with an arched opening? Is there any way to have a new set of doors made, so you will be able to add an updated look to your fireplace and control heat loss from the living room? The good news is: yes, there is!


The first thing to determine is whether you want to tackle this project on your own. Measurements and details must be accurate and there is not much room for error. So, don’t be bashful about asking your WE LOVE FIRE® expert for help. There are experienced and certified professionals a phone call or email away.

If you have decided to go for it and want the satisfaction of completing this project by yourself, the following techniques should prove helpful.


Generally speaking, there are two possibilities for accurately measuring an arched fireplace, both involve making a template of the arched opening. Take a large piece of paper, the heavyweight construction paper works well for this. First, measure the overall width dimension. Then, measure the lowest point of the arch on the left and right sides. Next, measure the highest point in the arch. Now take a couple of measurements between these two points and ‘connect the dots’, so to speak, to determine the arch.

The second technique is usually more accurate and is preferred by many dealers. Take a large piece of cardboard and tape a sheet of heavyweight construction paper to it. (Again, this is the paper that comes in a 3' wide by 50 or 100' roll, that’s dark pink in color. It’s often used to protect floors, countertops, cabinets, windows, etc. during construction.)

Maneuver the cardboard/paper template into the fireplace opening. Then, with a magic marker, trace the sides and the radius of the arch onto the paper. You might have to poke a couple of finger holes through the cardboard template. By doing this, you will be able to pull the template back tight against the brick in order to accurately trace the arch.

The cardboard provides a firm ‘backer’ for the paper. So, once the arch has been traced, remove the paper from the cardboard. This template and a few pictures can be delivered to your WE LOVE FIRE® dealer. The paper may be sent to the manufacturer to ensure accuracy. The paper template is the same size as the door frame. The accompanying pictures will help determine the best type of mounting brackets to use. The actual doors will be built accordingly, based on the overall dimensions of the template. Depending on the time of the year, it’s wise to allow at least 4 weeks for a custom order like this.


There are dozens of finishes and colors available for custom arched fireplace doors. Powder coat paints, artisan finishes and antiqued metallic paint options along with several handle styles will give your fireplace a truly beautiful upgrade.


Custom, arched doors for your fireplace is a worthwhile investment in your home. Most people understand there are several solid reasons to replace the doors on your fireplace. These include efficiency, safety, performance, and aesthetics. All are important. All are reasons to contact your WE LOVE FIRE® dealer to discuss details and options and to get this project moving forward!

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For more information, contact your local fireplace and grill store..

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