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Where Do I Put a Fireplace in My House?

Adding a fireplace to your home adds value and a tremendous source of comfort. What are the requirements to consider before installing a fireplace? Is it different whether it is wood, gas or electric? This article provides great information on what is physically necessary to consider before installing a fireplace.

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How to Light a Fire in My Fireplace?

Ready to use your fireplace? Starting a fire may sound simple at first, but failing at doing it may feel embarrassing and even create some problems. This article offers practical advice to light a fire and two proven methods that are easy to put into practice.

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What Happens to a Fireplace When It Rains?

What happens to your fireplace and chimney when it rains? Does it have any impact? Will the rain create damages to my chimney? This article explains the effect of water infiltrations and gives the solution to prevent problems from happening to your chimney.

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