Gas Inserts

Gas inserts. The convenience of gas and the beauty of masonry.

How to describe gas inserts? They are a gas fireplace that is inserted into an existing masonry fireplace.

Why choose a gas insert?

Masonry Fireplaces are responsible for a good amount of the heat loss in your home. However, by adding a gas insert, you will greatly increase your heating efficiency, even by as much as 70% or 80%. You will instantly feel a difference in your home, regardless of whether or not your fireplace is turned on. Better efficiency means better heating and less pollution. Furthermore, the maintenance is easier than with a wood fireplace, and different technologies, such as the programmable thermostatic remote control, will simplify your life.

Regarding installation

Before purchasing a gas insert, talk to your local dealer to make certain that conversion is possible. The insert must be installed in the combustion chamber of your masonry fireplace and an aluminum liner is necessary to ensure proper venting. Also make sure to have access to an electrical or gas outlet for proper power.

What are the disadvantages?

Unfortunately, gas does not produce that soothing crackling sound so typical of wood; and gas is more expensive that fire logs.

What to expect regarding purchase and use?

  • You will need to install carbon monoxide detectors to insure in-home safety.
  • Prices range between $2,000 and $5,000.
  • Installation starts at $700 and can cost as much as to $1,500.
  • An annual inspection is essential for security and optimal use.
  • This insert can be used even during power outage.

What brands offer gas inserts?

Napoleon, Ambiance and Kingsman each offer gas inserts.

For more information, please contact a We Love Fire dealer near you.

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