Woodstove Changeout and Incentive Programs

Despite cleaner technologies, many are reluctant to remove older uncertified woodstoves and fireplace inserts manufactured and installed before 1992. Pre-1992 wood stoves have limited controls on smoke emissions. In contrast, today’s modern stoves cut emissions by over 70 percent. Installing EPA-certified woodburning appliances have dramatic impacts on the indoor and outdoor air quality of communities, and woodstove changeout programs are proven to incentivize investment.

The mission of a woodstove changeout program is to remove old, pre-EPA-certified appliances and replace them with anything cleaner burning. These programs offer incentives to save money, conserve energy and improve air quality by upgrading from old, dirty woodstoves to cleaner, more efficient EPA-certified products.

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Map courtesy of HPBA.org (https://www.hpba.org/Promotional-Campaigns/Woodstove-Changeouts/Ongoing-Changeout-Programs)