Pellet Inserts

Pellet inserts are magnificent

Pellet inserts are an interesting blend of all combustibles. Take a few features from wood inserts, mix them with some gas insert’ specifics, add a few particulars unique to pellets and you’ll get a good sense of what pellet inserts are all about.

Why choose a pellet insert?

If you love wood, but are a little reluctant to the work it involves you may possibly be evaluating the best appliance for yourself. Its combustion can last a long time without having to refuel and pellets, sold in 40 pound bags, are easy to store in a dry place. Besides the loading of pellets in the hopper, this insert is simple to use and works with a remote, like the ones used to control gas appliances.

Regarding installation

Regardless of the type of insert, putting in a stainless-steel liner inside the chimney (pipe) is mandatory.

What are the disadvantages?

Some people find them slightly noisy. They are also useless in case of power outage, unless powered by a back-up battery or a generator. Even if they require less maintenance than wood fireplaces, they still need to be cleaned regularly, among other things, to remove ashes.

What to expect regarding purchase and use?

  • Prices range between $2,500 and $5,000.
  • Installation starts at $1,000 and can cost as much as to $1,500.
  • An annual inspection, done by a professional, is essential for security.
  • They produce very low emission and their great efficiency often goes beyond 70%.
  • Make sure you have easy access to the hopper; remember you will need to load the pellets.
  • You will get heat for more than 24 hours without having to refuel.
  • A 40 pound bag of pellets will cost you anywhere between $4 and $6 and 50 to 150 bags will be needed every year, depending on your heating needs. During very cold winter days, you may use as many as 2 bags.

What brand offers pellet inserts?

Napoleon offers a pellet insert.

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