Fireplace Mantels & Shelves

Elegance wood burning fireplace with live edge timber non combustible mantel


Fireplace mantels were developed hundreds of years ago during medieval days to help divert and direct the smoke from a fire.  Many centuries later, mantels evolved into ornamental and artistic works that served to highlight the focal point of the home, the fireplace.

Today, the fireplace and mantel are still the main features in the family room.  The mantel is that shelf above the fireplace that might include pilaster legs (that is, columns or posts) on either side of the fireplace and a decorative shelf above the fireplace.

Fireplace mantels and shelves are installed on gas, electric and wood burning fireplaces.  The ‘look’ can be contemporary, traditional, rustic, elegant or transitional.  Mantels and shelves can be made from brick, wood, stone, marble, granite or cultured stone.

Country Rustic-Lexington Hearth Smooth Classic Cedar with Ambiance Inspiration 29 gas insert

Your WE LOVE FIRE experts has exclusive lines of mantels and shelves  that will enhance that special feeling in your home.  Be sure to check out the Ambiance® line of non-combustible mantels and shelves.  A unique molding, casting and hand painting process authentically replicates the rich wood grain and character of natural wood.

In addition to the Ambiance line of non-combustible mantels, Dracme, a Quebec Canada manufacturing partner, produces a complete line of cast stone mantels that are truly stunning. Whether it’s a one-of-a-kind mantel or one of the many standard sizes, Dracme’s cast stone fireplace mantels are designed to enhance your fireplace as a unique ornamental piece in your home.  Specialized custom work is available, too.

Dracme mantel Bentley39-Marquis 8in-Hearth-Buff-Open-Cast

All of these non-combustible mantels offered by your WE LOVE FIRE expert offer more convenience and flexibility during the installation process.  They can reduce clearance requirements for greater safety.  Non-combustible mantels and shelves are a fraction of the weight and considerably less expensive than real stone.

Your home reflects your lifestyle and individuality.  And, the fireplace mantel is a huge part of that.  So let your creative spirit soar!  There are literally dozens of styles and sizes of mantels and shelves to choose from, all designed to match your personal tastes and lifestyle.

While you’re at it, investigate the large range of fireplace accessories too!  Decorative tool sets, log racks, gloves, screens and log carriers to compliment your fireplace and to make your life just a bit easier.

Your WE LOVE FIRE dealer is here to help in any way we can.

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