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It will be quite obvious after one glance at the Ambiance®/JC Bordelet products, that this is not just another line of fireplaces. Made in the south of France, many refer to JC Bordelet as modern, designer fireplaces. Others will call this equipment “suspended” or “hanging stoves”. We describe the quality, design and attention to the smallest detail in these hearth products, as breathtaking!

If you’re looking for a show-stopper, something incredibly unique, a functional piece that instantly becomes your home’s magnum opus, you’ve found it! These fireplaces are for the discriminating buyer who recognizes quality and is focused on something truly unique. And, that’s exactly why the WE LOVE FIRE® dealer network is so high on this company! The ability to personalize your fireplace allows you to create a truly distinctive masterpiece tailored to your individual preferences. With over 180 color options and glass, screen or open burning choices, you just might have the only one of its kind in the world!

JC Bordelet fireplaces from Ambiance® feature an incredibly smooth and hand-crafted dome that gives all three models an exceptionally clean and elegant appearance. Picture yourself with family and friends gathered around the Eva 992, the Tatiana 997 or the Zelia 908.

The Eva 992 is going to make the heart of your home beat a little faster! Watch the fire as the flickering flames captures your imagination. This model can be outfitted with a gas burner and is the ideal fireplace to decorate and enhance the appearance of your home. You’re going to enjoy those special moments around the Eva with family and friends.

The Tatiana 997 suspends from the ceiling and creates a look like no other. The contemporary charm and sleek design combine for a stunning presentation. This model is available in dozens of colors to suit any tastes. It can also be equipped with an optional 360˚ rotating firebox!

The Zelia 908 is the perfect fireplace to position in the center of your living room. This model offers outstanding comfort and a cozy atmosphere. The circular and complete radiation of the fireplace allows for the absence of a base and a magnificent panoramic view of the fire. The open firebox makes it very easy to add more wood to the fire. The dancing shadows and colors will light up the faces of those watching the show!

In addition to being suspended or hung from the ceiling, the Eva, Zelia or Tatiana can be wall mounted. This installation would certainly be the primary focus in your living area and would be a look that is exclusively yours!

Your home is a friendly and elegant place where life is good. Those daily issues don’t seem as intense when you’re able to relax and immerse yourself in the stunning spectacle of glowing flames from the hearth. The JC Bordelet line of fireplaces by Ambiance® is modern, designer fireplaces guaranteed to create a unique, one-of-a-kind, welcoming home.

You can almost hear the embers crackling and picture the beauty of the flames, can’t you? When a fireplace has become the driving force behind your interior design, you may have just found the soul of your home.

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