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Ambiance® Hipster® 14 and 20 eligible for 2021 25d US Federal tax credit

Wood and wood burning stoves will always have their loyal fans. Today’s stoves combine beauty with authenticity and are so much better than their predecessors!

The days of polluting wood burning stoves are over and new models today are certified by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which means they emit far fewer emissions. They get rid of combustion by-products and smoke before these are released into your chimney and to the outside atmosphere.

However, their benefits don’t end there. These stoves provide the same ambience as a wood burning fireplace yet you save up to 80% in energy. Also, they come in different styles and sizes so you can heat one room or your whole house.

3 types of wood burning stoves

Wood burning stoves can vary in look from traditional and rustic to contemporary and modern. They’re made of steel, cast iron or soapstone. The costs and performance factors differ depending on the materials used.

  • Steel: Available at different prices and qualities, steel wood burning stoves heat up and cool down more quickly than others. These models have a convection air chamber where a fan circulates hot air before releasing it into the room. When shopping for a steel stove, choose one with lifetime warranty and thicker steel plates.
  • Cast iron: For over two hundred years, cast-iron wood burning stoves have been synonymous with quality and durability. You’ll find their two main benefits are their highly decorative appearance and their functionality. These appliances come in different shapes and finishes and are supplied with drawings. Some come with a fully-functional cooking area on the top.
  • Soapstone: Stoves made of soapstone, retain heat better than any other natural material. They provide constant hot air which lasts long after the fire has gone out. However, they do take more time to heat up. Putting that to one side, it’s hard to beat the beauty of this type of wood burning stove. The unique soapstone pattern gives each appliance the look of a work of art.

Getting the best deals

Beware of cheap stoves! Although they might seem like a good deal, they’re usually manufactured abroad using low quality steel or cast iron. Also, because these appliances operate in extreme conditions, their life expectancy is short. It’s far better to invest in a quality wood burning stove that will meet your needs and last much longer.

For more information on brands we love, such as AmbianceHearthstone and Napoleon and their wood burning stoves, contact your nearest WE LOVE FIRE retailer partner.

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