What’s the difference between radiant and convective heat from my fireplace?

In a nutshell, radiant heat, heats objects.  Think of the sunshine when you think of radiant heat.  Ever been sitting in a car with the sun shining through your window?  You’re probably warmer than the passengers on the other side of the car.  That heat you’re feeling is the radiant energy from the sun.

A good example of convective heat is the forced air furnace in your house.  A heat exchanger in the furnace is warmed up by using gas, oil, wood or electricity.  As the fan blows air through this exchanger, the heat is transferred to the air.  This warm air is then distributed through your home via the ductwork.

Fireplaces, stoves and inserts all provide radiant heat.  Add a blower fan to the model and you’ll enjoy the convective heat as well.

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