Best Barbecue, Grill and Fireplace Stores in Manitoba

We are the Gateway to the West with our railway and transportation hub for Canada! Although our capital, Winnipeg, is the coldest major city in Canada, we offer one of the most beautiful confluence of rivers. We call it the Forks. It is where the Red River and the Assiniboine meet. Did you know Lake Winnipeg is the 7th largest lake in North America, larger than Lake Erie and Lake Ontario?

We are also proud of our heritage as being the Province where Louis Riel stood for the Metis people and other minorities. Our population is very diversified with French speaking families in places like St. Boniface. We have several Cree and Ojibwe native communities, and important population of Ukrainians, Polish and German assent families too. Altogether, we have built an incredibly vibrant community.

Home to the Winnipeg Jet and Blue Bombers, we love our sports!

As the Keystone Province, we go from Steinbach, to Winkler, Brandon, Thompson and Churchill Falls!

A fun fact about chimney: Selkirk is the most recognized brand for venting in the World. Guess where it started? Yes you correct, right here in Manitoba.

For your fireplace and grill needs, look for We Love Fire affiliated stores!

Below is a list of fireplace and grill stores that service Manitoba (MB)

Brandon, MB

Ray's Fireplaces
945 24th Street
Brandon, MB R7B 1Y5

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Winnipeg, MB

Alsip's Building Products And Services
1 Cole Avenue
Winnipeg, MB R2L1J3

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