Best Barbecue, Grill and Fireplace Stores in Newfoundland and Labrador

We have the oldest European settlement in Canada. Located in L’Anse au Meadows, that is where Viking explorer Leif Ericson came in year 1001. That is almost 500 years before Columbus ‘discovered’ the Americas! Our English heritage started with John Cabot who came in 1496 in Cape Bonavista. About 90 years later, in 1585, we became the very first English colony in North America!

Our weather is rather chill in the summer. We will often say ‘it’s a mausey day’, meaning it is foggy! Along the coast lines and in Gander, Deer Lake, Grand Falls and Conception Bay, we need fireplaces and stoves!

Cookin’ up a scoff? Why not get it done on the BBQ and celebrate!

Make sure to visit We Love Fire partner stores as listed below!

Below is a list of fireplace and grill stores that service Newfoundland and Labrador (NL)

Cornerbrook, NL

Tin Man
27 Union Street
Cornerbrook, NL A2H 5P9

Tin Man LogoVisit Store Page

St. Johns, NL

Crown Cabinets & Fireplaces Ltd
349 Kenmount Road
St. Johns, NL A1B 3P9

Crown Cabinets & Fireplaces Ltd LogoVisit Store Page

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