How to Choose a Gas Fire Pit

There is something incredibly appealing about it, gazing into the flames of an outdoor fire with family members and close friends. It’s fun and relaxing, and even therapeutic.

There are many options for gas fire pits today. Making a purchase decision can be somewhat confusing. How can you determine what’s right for you? Which features should you look for? If you’re thinking about how to enjoy a new gas fire pit this season, the process begins right now!



All the advantages that apply to your gas fireplace are also true for an outdoor fire pit, including convenience. No need to split wood and kindling and keep dry, no more storing wadded newspaper or cleaning up ashes. With a gas fire pit, all you need to do is grab your favorite beverage, push the button or use the remote control, and relax! The fire is easy to get going, and the flame height is easily adjusted.


Another considerable advantage is the flexibility of gas fire pits. Many are portable and can be used on a deck. Opt for a fully assembled, packaged kit. They come in dozens of shapes, sizes, and finishes. Whether you're looking for a big fire pit that can push out some heat with its 50,000 BTU or a gas fire pit coffee table, fire bowl or set of columns or torches to light your walkway.


Natural gas fire pits or LP gas produces extremely clean burning flames — no need to be concerned about soot, ashes, or harmful by-products, they’re smokeless fire pits! Unlike wood-burning fire pits, you can enjoy your time around the fire without constantly re-positioning your chair to get away from the annoying smoke.

Napoleon Round Fire Table


First, you will need to determine where the fire pit will be located. Keep in mind that all manufacturers have different regulations. Some have approved their products for installation on a wooden deck, for example, whereas some have not. Make sure you check. Regardless, it’s always a good idea to keep a fire pit at least 15 to 20 feet from the house, garage, shop, etc.

Are you going to use natural or LP gas? With natural gas, a line from the house or meter connection will need to be permanently plumbed to the site by a professional. You will not have to worry about running out of gas by connecting to natural gas supply. Permanent, built-in fire pits often use natural gas.

By comparison, an LP gas fire pit can be easily moved and relocated depending on the layout of your outdoor space, the time of the year, special events, etc. A 20-pound propane tank is typically hidden within the base of the unit. Just remember to check its weight periodically! You don’t want to run out before the s’mores or entertaining is done!


Fire pit burners can be round, rectangular, square, or linear in shape. Use logs, glass rocks, pebbles, lava rock, and more, to create a unique experience for your family and friends. Metal fire pits are available in many finished such as cast iron and brushed stainless steel.

Bowls and tables are probably the most popular styles of fire pits. Fire bowls can be round or oval, square or linear, from 18” to 60” in diameter, or more. Finishes include copper, stainless steel, and cast aluminum. Or give it a custom look to complement your outdoor décor. There are easy-to-use ignition systems and room to hide an LP tank.

Fire pit tables are also popular because they provide space for snacks and drinks. Again, there are many sizes and shapes to consider. Functional designs always add a touch of comfort and class to outdoor entertaining.

Portable fire pits and fire tables can be easily moved and stored during the winter.


Be sure to check local codes and ordinances regarding the installation details of any fire pit. Requirements may directly impact the type and style fire pit you select.


The cost will depend entirely on your budget. The location and materials used will certainly have a bearing on the final price. But many fire pits are easy on the pocketbook. A portable model is easy to move around wherever the crowd gathers. Portable models will start in the $300.00 range and go up from there, and generally speaking, fire tables will cost $1200.00 and up.

The price for a custom-built, permanent fire feature can be several thousand dollars. But, consider the flexibility of different inserts, burners, rings, flame control systems such as glass wind guards, and finish with customized stone. Your outdoor living area will be so inviting and comfortable!


Today’s backyard fire pits could be considered functional pieces of outdoor furniture. They will serve as the centerpiece of your gathering area, where you'll relish moments with loved ones, partaking in outdoor activities like games, laughter-filled conversations, and peaceful relaxation. So, be prepared for many new memories! Your new outdoor entertainment area will be an extension of your lifestyle and the focal point of your outdoor living room.

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