How do I properly vent my pellet stove?

You have a few options for venting a pellet stove. Pellet stoves require type “L” vent pipe.  Most will have a 4” vent pipe requirement.  L-vent uses an air space between a stainless steel inner pipe and a galvanized outer pipe.  Since the exhaust on pellet equipment is pressurized, all joints between pipe components must be siliconed or have a gasketed/sealed connection.

Pellet stoves can be vented vertically through the roof or horizontally through a side wall.  It’s always a good idea to get some vertical rise with the L-vent pipe, before venting horizontally through a side wall.  With rise in the vent profile, if power is interrupted while the stove is operating, there will be a natural draft established to remove the smoke and combustion by-products from the stove. This vertical rise can be achieved inside before the vent pipe is exited through the sidewall, or outside if you prefer an installation with no pipe showing inside.  Inside or out, usually 3 or 4 feet of rise is sufficient.

If you plan to replace a wood burning stove with a pellet model, another venting option is to use the existing chimney for the wood stove.  Rigid L-vent pipe can be installed to the chimney, special adapters will allow a 4” stainless steel, flexible pipe to be installed up the chimney.  Your dealer can help you evaluate your best venting option.

Never use PVC pipe, gas vent pipe, dryer vent pipe or single wall black stove pipe to vent your pellet stove.

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For more information, contact your local fireplace and grill store..

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  1. Appreciated your information and it greatly helped me in planning for our future pellet stove placement.
  2. I purchased a Wise Way gravity feed pellet stove and would like to put it in my basement. What horizontal venting system would you recommend?? Thanks
    • Dominique Page
      Hello Richard, thanks for reaching out. I am not familiar with the Wise way pellet stove. It might be best to contact the store where you bought it from, or reach out to the manufacturer for guidance. Stay warm! Dominique
  3. Hi, if I run the vertical rise on the exterior of the house, how much clearance do I need from the ground where the elbow/T for the vertical rise begins? I know the top of the exhaust pipe needs to be a minimum of 3' but is there a ground clearance for the base of the rise? Also, if the exhaust runs through a brick wall, can I just run the pipe out without the 3" wall thimble? Thanks, B
    • Dominique Page
      Hello Bonnie Thanks for reaching out. You need to keep at least one inch to combustibles with pellet vent. As per the wall thimble, it is mandatory to use it. All the best! Dominique
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