Pellet stoves vs. wood burning stoves . . . . which is better?

This answer depends on several factors, such as: 1) your lifestyle, 2) quick and easy access to a wood supply, 3) the amount of time you can devote to cutting, splitting, hauling and stacking wood, 4) installation details, 5) cost, and other considerations.

Let’s talk about cost first.  A pellet stove vs. a wood stove will be similar in price.  $2000 - $3000 is a typical price range.  The chimney costs for a wood stove will exceed the venting costs for a pellet stove.  The time factor is a huge consideration for most people.  Do you have the time to get to the woods, cut a truckload/trailer load of wood, haul it home, split it, stack it and leave it for a year to dry before it’s burned?  Do you have the equipment?  Saws, splitters, trailer, etc.?  Pellets come packaged in 40 pound, easy to handle and easy to stack, plastic bags.  If the power goes out every time the wind blows more than 20 mph, a pellet stove might not be your best option.  They must have electricity to operate.  There are lots of considerations, but your lifestyle is probably the most important one.

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Hearth & Home Shoppe
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Roanoke, VA

Dixie Building Products Inc.
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