Can an Electric Fireplace Damage a TV?

Mounting a large screen TV above a fireplace is very fashionable today. This popular topic comes up quite often, but is it safe to do so? Will heat from the fireplace damage your TV? Do manufacturers approve the installation of an electric fireplace and a TV on the same wall? Let’s delve into this subject a little deeper.


Heat from the fireplace and mounting height are the two most important considerations if you’re thinking about installing a TV above a fireplace.

Understand that heat generated from a wood-burning or a gas fireplace is significantly more than from an electric fireplace. And we know that when any electronic appliance is subjected to heat, it’s never a good thing. It’s also worth noting that neither the fireplace nor the TV manufacturer actively endorses these types of installations. However, with special framing techniques and taking into consideration the potential heat from a gas or wood fireplace, it’s done all the time.

Instead of a gas or wood fireplace, a much better choice for a TV application like this is to install an electric fireplace. Heat output from an electric fireplace is usually on the top of some models and along the bottom of other units. Moreover, keep in mind that with an electric fireplace, the heating element can simply be turned off in warmer weather. You’ll be able to enjoy the flames and sports events all year long!

If a wall mount TV/fireplace combo is in your future, be sure to buy an electric fireplace with bottom heat exhaust. This way, heat generated from the fireplace is the furthest away from the TV above to avoid heat damage. With this type of unit, there should not be any heat buildup.

The TV mounting height is another particularly important consideration. If you have an 8’ ceiling height, a fireplace mantel, and a raised hearth, the top of the TV will likely be near the ceiling. So, think about the fireplace size, the TV mounting height, the room size, and viewing angles from your comfy La-Z-Boy. The goal is to avoid neck strain from a bad angle.

See the link below for smart options for your TV setup.


A better choice for this application is a linear fireplace. Linear fireplace models are available in 4, 5 and 6 feet wide, but only 14” or 15” high. An electric linear fireplace with bottom heat exhaust could be mounted two or three feet from the floor. A large screen TV could then be spaced so that the actual viewing height is only 5 – 6 feet. This would look much better with an 8 or 9’ ceiling and proportionally correct for that size living room. It will also be much more comfortable for the viewer.


Since there are no venting or chimney components to mess with, installing an electric linear fireplace and TV is straightforward. They can either be recessed or hung on the wall. The recessed look of an electric linear fireplace is extremely popular and gives a true, clean-face display.


  • Room size
  • Ceiling height
  • Fireplace size and style
  • TV size
  • TV mounting and viewing height

Mounting a large screen TV above an electric fireplace is a terrific idea and one that will give you and your family hours of enjoyment. The ambiance of flames while you’re relaxing or watching your favorite entertainment will provide relief from today’s hectic pace.

Your WE LOVE FIRE expert has several other ideas to share with you. We look forward to continuing this discussion!


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