What is a connector pipe?

This is the black pipe that “connects” a wood stove to the chimney system.  It’s often called stove pipe or black pipe.  Connector pipe can be the standard single wall black pipe that many are familiar with.  Or, it can be a double wall, close clearance pipe.  Your stove requires specific clearances to combustibles.  Oftentimes, these clearances can be slightly reduced with a double wall connector pipe.

Double wall connector is not an insulated pipe.  It is air-cooled and has an inner stainless steel pipe and an outer black stove pipe.  The air space between the two cools the outer pipe enough to allow it to be installed a bit closer to a combustible wall or ceiling than a single wall connector pipe.  Be sure to check with your dealer or consult your owner’s manual for the specific numbers for your stove model

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