Which Fireplace Should I Choose?

You have many choices.  Fuel type, fireplace style, convenient options and finishes are just a few.  Your WE LOVE FIRE expert will help you make a smart decision that you will be happy with for years to come.

What fuel should I choose for my new fireplace? What fireplace should I choose?


The first step is to decide which fuel you want to use.  The options are wood, gas, pellets, or electricity.  There are pros and cons of each fuel.

If you have a nearby source for wood and have the equipment and time to cut, split, haul, stack and dry wood, lots of money can be saved by heating with wood.  If you want a bit more convenience, pellets might be a good choice.  Pellets and wood will both require regular and routine maintenance.

If you’re not the type who wants to get your hands dirty and are looking for heat, a gas fireplace will be a better decision than wood.  The size of gas fireplaces and stoves, and their heat output, varies considerably from model to model.

If just a little supplemental heat is needed in a room and/or you want to use a fireplace year-round, an electric unit will be your best bet.

If you haven’t read this article, do so.  [LINK TO:  WHAT SIZE FIREPLACE DO I NEED?]  It’s informative and will give you some other thought-provoking questions to ask yourself.


Once the fuel type is decided, the location in the house is the next decision to be made.  Granted, most fireplaces are installed in the family or living room.  But today, because of the size and design of the equipment, there are several possibilities to think about.  Bedrooms, bathrooms, foyers, hallways, offices, 3 and 4 season rooms and even open stairways are perfect for the appropriate hearth product.


Now that you have the fuel type and the location determined, what fireplace do I select?  Which is the best?  The fact of the matter is:  there’s not a “best”!  Yes, there are some significant differences between one manufacturer and another.  There are lots of solid fireplace companies out there that make some very impressive equipment.

Your WE LOVE FIRE dealer has strong opinions about the brands we carry and can explain those to you.

Sales psychology 101. What fireplace should I choose?


When you buy something, especially bigger ticket items, do you buy only on price?  It’s very unlikely that you do.  With enough time and if you keep looking long enough, you can always find the same product, less expensively, someplace else.

Odds are very high that you buy a product where; 1) you are listened to, 2) your wants and needs are understood, and 3) where product expertise, service, and a safe track record are evident.  All this translates to a good rapport and relationship with the sales person.  Do you trust the company you are doing business with?  Do you get that feeling that they have your best interest in mind?

Now, don’t get me wrong, the price is very important.  But if that trust and rapport is there, you will have the confidence in the company you’re doing business with to treat you fairly and with respect.  Trust that theirs is a fair price for the goods and services you’re purchasing from them.

2 Women Fireplace Shopping


This is where your WE LOVE FIRE expert excels.  The relationship we form with customers, our industry expertise, our superb product lines and of course our competitive pricing is precisely why we’ve been successful over the years.  Our reputation is critical to us and that’s why our business has grown.

There are many considerations when asking yourself, “Which fireplace do I buy?”  Come see your WE LOVE FIRE dealer.  We will listen and help you understand the functions and features of several models that may work for you.  And, we promise:  we’ll make this fireplace shopping experience…fun!

Below is a list of fireplace and grill stores that service Virginia (VA)

Manassas, VA

Winston's Chimney Service
11301 Industrial Road
Manassas, VA 20109

Winston's Chimney Service LogoVisit Store Page

Mechanicsville, VA

Hearth & Home Shoppe
8151 Mechanicsville Tpk
Mechanicsville, VA 23111

Hearth & Home Shoppe LogoVisit Store Page

Roanoke, VA

Dixie Building Products Inc.
3342 Melrose Ave NW
Roanoke, VA 24017

Warrenton, VA

Costello's Warrenton Fireplace & Hot Tub
251 West Lee Hwy
Warrenton, VA 20186

For more information, contact your local fireplace and grill store..

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