How To Create a Hygge Style Decor in Your Living Room?

Over 70% of Americans are planning to give their homes a look this year. Are you among them? If so, you might be interested in the Scandinavian decor style known as hygge!

Hygge is a lifestyle trend that focuses on creating a connected and relaxing atmosphere. Sounds delightful, doesn't it? Discover some ways to introduce hygge decor into your living space!

Change Your Perspective

Picture your living room at this moment. Chances are the television is the attraction, with all the furniture pointing towards it. One key tip for embracing hygge design is to shift your attention from devices!

The essence of the hygge lifestyle lies in unplugging and enjoying quality time with family and friends. Consider arranging your furniture around an element of hygge decor. Like a fireplace! Fireplaces bring warmth, coziness, and gentle illumination, making them an ideal feature for a hygge-inspired home.

If space is limited and installing a fireplace isn't feasible, consider opting for a wood-burning stove! These stoves exude a vintage vibe that perfectly complements the hygge aesthetic. They offer an eco-friendly way to heat your home while adding character to your space!

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Use Soft Lighting

Let's talk about lighting – it's all about creating an atmosphere with light sources. In the world of hygge design, the more lights there are, the better! Experiment with candles of varying heights placed around the room to add a touch of charm and a gentle glow.

Twinkle lights are a must-have for that hygge vibe—they're as essential as peanut butter is to jelly. Hang them across your fireplace to make it a focal point, or drape them on your windows for some coziness. Light up your fireplace, grab a book, and enjoy a relaxing evening!

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Colors Inspired by Nature

When it comes to colors in hygge interiors, nature is the inspiration. Neutral and warm tones are elements in creating that feel;

  •  Rich greens and blues
  •  Earthy oranges, browns and yellows
  •  Soft whites, beiges, and hints of gold
  •  Subtle pinks and purples

The trick is to blend these natural hues into a backdrop of white and black in your space. While white may not seem warm at a glance, it plays a role in hygge design – just like how Danes appreciate the beauty of white snow.

Embrace these nature-inspired colors to bring the outdoors inside! We adore the combination of walls with natural wood accents and hints of warm gold and brown. It seems like Vogue Magazine is on board, too. They've declared brown the latest color trend!

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Create a Cozy Atmosphere with the Ambiance Outlander Wood Stove

Curate Thoughtfully

Hygge strikes a balance between minimalism and maximalism in design. Accessories play a role in the decor. They should be purposeful. Avoid cluttering your space with generic items!

Instead of hanging sentimental photos and artwork on the walls, hang objects that evoke memories on surfaces like bookshelves and mantels. The aim is to craft a space that exudes homeliness, evokes nostalgia, and feels deeply personal.

Books also make additions! Reading holds a place in the serene, laid-back hygge environment. Stack books near cozy reading nooks. Consider incorporating vintage-style novels to maintain the color scheme throughout the area.

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Embrace Harmony

Despite its appearance, a hygge living room involves careful equilibrium. Aesthetics are paramount in design principles. Striking the balance between color, furniture selection, and textures is essential for achieving your hygge living room ambiance.

White walls serve as a canvas to kick off your design journey.

Wooden floors can be enhanced with décor items and a natural fireplace mantel. Add beams to draw attention upwards and maintain a look with the wood below.

Avoid clustering furniture in one corner of the room! Aim for a distribution of furniture to create zones. Rugs and runners can help connect these areas, promoting a flow.

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Create an Inviting Layout

Socializing is key to embracing the hygge lifestyle. Engaging in conversations with friends by the fireplace during evenings is at the core of hygge! This explains why many interior design tips focus on hygge and emphasize room arrangements.

Unlike setups centered around a sofa, hygge décor features elaborate seating arrangements! A cozy, inviting sofa serves as the point, complemented by armchairs for added structure. Floor pillows and poufs come in for seating options!

For moments when you seek solitude, create your hyggekrog. A hyggekrog is a nook where you can enjoy reading, solving puzzles, or simply relaxing! Keep a stack of books near an armchair, place candles on a side table, and have a warm throw within reach.

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Embrace Multiple Textures to Enhance Ambiance

Are you wondering how to achieve a hygge decor style? A quick way is to layer textures! Simply drape throws. Arrange some plush cushions on your couch for that inviting warmth. Opt for wool, linen, and cashmere to enhance the ambiance.

Here's another handy tip: layer your rugs! Place a rug in the center of your room to ground your furniture. Then, rugs can be added using different materials to define specific areas.

This method creates a reading corner, a social gathering spot, and a tranquil meditation space within one room. This approach works well for open living rooms. To add comfort and warmth, consider incorporating faux fur accents!

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Get Cozy With Your New Hygge Decor

Hygge reflects the desire for comfort during Scandinavian winters. Nothing beats a home when the weather outside is dreary. However, the hygge decor is suitable for every one of their climate!

Whether in Alaska or sunny California, you can incorporate hygge elements. Starting with a fireplace can transform your living room!

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