How to Paint a Fireplace to Bring It Up-To-Date

Have you just bought a house and the fireplace is not up-to-date? You do not want to pay a fortune to redo the façade of the fireplace?

Here are different projects you can do yourself to refresh your fireplace with a coat of paint.

Some Points to Verify First

If your fireplace is functional, you must use caution and be vigilant when using products.

Before beginning your painting project, verify your municipality’s regulations. If you are unsure of the laws currently in place, ask an expert member of We Love Fire from your region.

Ensure that your project conforms to laws in place and that the materials used, especially paint, are appropriate for your project. You would not want to use flammable materials or ones that emit toxic vapors at high temperatures.

For the fireplace’s exterior, a quality acrylic latex paint resistant to temperatures up to 95 degrees Celsius is required.

How to Paint the Fireplace’s Doors

Do your fireplace doors have touches of gold that you would like to see disappear? Instead of changing the doors of your fireplace, paint them.

Here is how to proceed.

Use steel wool that is fine and dry, and brush the gold to scratch it lightly. This will diminish the brilliance of the gold and will facilitate the paint’s adhesion. Avoid passing the steel wool over the windows. Wipe the surface down with a rag to remove any gold particles or steel wool that may remain.

Cover the windows of the fireplace’s doors with newspaper and painter’s tape. Make sure only to cover the windows and not the surface to be painted.

If you are painting inside, cover nearby surfaces and the floor. It would be ideal to unscrew the fireplace doors and to paint them outside.

Use a spray can of heat resistant paint. Shake the can vigorously, then follow the instructions on the can and apply a thin layer of paint on the doors. Let it dry, and then apply another layer. Repeat the process until you obtain the desired coverage.

Once the last layer of paint is dry, remove the tape and the newspaper. Here you go! You have beautiful doors that look almost new!

How to Paint the Ceramic of a Fireplace

Are you tired of the beige ceramic façade of your fireplace? Once again, paint is the solution.

Start by giving a slight brush of sandpaper over the tile to increase the adhesion of the paint. If you want a shiny finish, use fine sandpaper.

Then, clean the tile. This step is crucial. Use a cleaning product that leaves no residues. A greasy residue can prevent the paint from adhering completely to the ceramic.

Make sure to clean the grout properly by using a brush.

Tape tarps or newspapers across all the surfaces near the tiles, the fireplace doors and the floor.

Depending on the type of paint you will use, some will require you to apply a coat of primer first. Whether there is a coat of primer or not, use a paintbrush to paint the grout, then paint the tile using a paint roller.

Before and after painting brick around a fireplace. Paint a brick fireplace. How to paint a fireplace to bring it up to date?

And If You Want to Paint the Brick of a Fireplace?

For a brick fireplace, the process is like the ceramic one, except that you do not need to sand it first.

Use a rigid wire brush to brush the brick and the mortar to remove any residue or dirt. Use a vacuum with a brush tip to remove the dust from the brick and joints.

Next, clean the brick with soapy water to remove all soot and mineral residues. If necessary, use a degreaser.

Apply one or two coats of primer. An acrylic latex primer works well with brick. Use a paintbrush for the mortar and a paint roller of a 1 to 1.3 cm thickness for the brick. Let the primer dry overnight, and then apply the paint the same way. That is, with a paintbrush for the mortar and with a paint roller for the brick.

For more information on the process of painting brick, visit the Benjamin Moore website.

What to Do If It Is a Stone Fireplace?

And what if you have a stone fireplace? No worries, stone can also be painted!

For stone, latex paint is a good choice since it is durable, covers well, and is easy to use.

As with brick, clean the stone and the joints by using a rigid wire brush. Then, wash the stone with soapy water.

Repair large cracks with putty.

When all surfaces are completely dry, use a paint roller to apply primer to the stone. Use a paintbrush to reach the small spaces and the joints. When the primer is dry, apply one to two coats of paint.

You can also bleach the stone instead of painting it a solid color.

Paint a fireplace. Paint a brick fireplace. How to update your fireplace by painting it?

To Finish, the Hearth of the Fireplace

As a final item, but not least important, the hearth of the fireplace. This step must be done in summer when the fireplace is not being used, and you can ventilate the house properly.

Remove the logs and the log holder from the hearth. Remove the ash and the soot using a broom and a vacuum.

When the hearth is empty, clean its walls and floor using soapy water and a rigid wire brush.

Since paint that’s resistant to high temperatures emits a strong odor, open the windows. Then, paint the refractory brick with paint that is resistant to temperatures of 650 °C.

Enjoy Your “New” Fireplace

It cannot be denied that painting your fireplace requires a lot of time and energy. But you will be so happy with the result!

Use the technique adapted to your fireplace and choose the color that best showcases your decor.

Remember that safety is the most important factor, both in the materials used and the work being done. Always keep the space in which you are working well ventilated and wear protective equipment while cleaning and painting your fireplace.

If renovation projects on a larger scale are required for your fireplace, don’t hesitate to contact a merchant member of We Love Fire near you.

Once your fireplace is up-to-date, you will be proud to show it to all your friends and family and will be able to spend many relaxing evenings by the fire.

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