8 Trendy Products for Your Fireplace in 2022

We're officially announcing that 2022 is the year of cozy! That's right, grab your softest throw blanket, load up on candles, and make your home into a haven.

And the pièce de résistance of a cozy retreat? A beautiful, glimmering fireplace, of course! Feel like royalty as you lounge in front of a marble fireplace with stone decoration.

And speaking of decoration, we need to discuss how to accessorize your new fireplace.    Read on to see which trendy products we've included in our list of favorites!

1. Frame Art TV

Mounting a TV over the fireplace can be a controversial decision. Some argue that it’s the most natural position for your favorite electronic device. Others oppose the decision on aesthetic grounds.

But with a frame art TV, you can avoid the whole debacle and make both parties happy! If you haven’t had a chance to see one of these in person, believe us when we say they’re stunning.

Samsung’s The Frame Art Mode 4K Smart TV looks like it belongs in a (really cool) art gallery. It comes in a range of sizes from 43″ to a massive 85″! Plus, it’s so slim that anyone could mistake it for a painting.

Ambiance Illusion 47 gas fireplace with picture frame Samsung TV over the fireplace

Gas Fireplace Illusion 47 by Ambiance

2. Potted Plants

An adorable assortment of potted plants on your mantel can turn any boring room into a sanctuary. Go for large, dramatic broad-leaf plants for massive fireplaces. Or dainty ferns and succulents for small fireplaces.

Succulents, cacti, ivy, and Dracaena thrive in heat and will do well on top of a mantel. Just be careful if you have a wood-burning fireplace. There's always a risk of burning your plants if the sparks are not well contained.

3. Fireplace Tool Set

A fireplace tool set can add a vintage look to any fireplace. Tools like pokers, shovels, and tongs are essential for wood fireplaces. Of course, gas and electric lovers don't actually need them.

But we think that sometimes beauty trumps function! Place a rustic, wrought-iron tool set near your fireplace for drama. If your style is modern and minimalist, you can also find the perfect tools sets to suit your look!  Shop here

Trendy products options to accessorize your fireplace this year

4. Oversized Mirror

A classic fireplace accessory is an oversized mirror, mounted, or placed on the mantel. If your fireplace product budget is minimal, you're in luck! Most thrift stores and vintage shops have a wide array of old mirrors.

You can even turn it into a DIY project by painting, staining, or tiling the frame to match your decor. Plus, mirrors open up small spaces and make them look more spacious than they are!

5. Log Rack

Once again, you only really need this if you have a wood fireplace, but a log rack can elevate any space! Stack a few logs, authentic or imitation, on your rack to give off a vintage library feel.

And if you do have a wood-burning fireplace, this is both an attractive and practical trend! There are countless styles available, ranging from traditional to modern and funky.  Shop here

Ambiance Non combustible fireplace mantel, Golden Hewn mortised beam over Ambiance Outlander 19i woodburning insert in brick chimney. Trendy products

The Ambiance Live Edge Timber

6. Non-Combustible Mantel

Upgrade your mantel for style and safety. Non-combustible mantels look like the real deal, but they’re actually resistant to heat. Choose from faux wood or stone to complement your space.

We love Ambiance’s Live Edge Timber mantels for a rustic look. This natural piece of timber is shaped from antique parts gathered from historic locations. A non-combustible coating is applied to create a one-of-a-kind centerpiece for your fireplace.  Shop here

7. Candle Arrangement

Nothing goes better with fire than more fire. We may be a little fire-obsessed, but we also know that candle arrangements are on-trend for 2022!

To create visual interest, use candles of different heights and diameters. You can try grouping sets of candles together or making symmetrical arrangements. The beauty of using candles to decorate is infusing your personal style into it!

8. TV Mantel Mount

If you have your TV mounted on a wall right now,

you probably know the headache of craning your neck to see it. Mounted TVs look great and save on space, but sometimes their location is inconvenient.

That’s why mantel mounts are one of our top picks for new fireplace products! These mounts are designed to maneuver your TV to fit your lifestyle. Pull it away from the fireplace, rotate it any way you want, or lower it down to eye level.

Mantel mount robotic MM860, electric wall mount for tv. Trendy products

Mantel Mount robotic MM860

Choosing a Fireplace

Of course, before you jump on the latest fireplace trends, you need a fireplace! Choosing the perfect fireplace isn't easy, but we're here to help.

Electric Fireplace

By far the easiest to install, electric fireplaces can fit into any space, budget, or aesthetic. Modern options can look like traditional wood or take on a minimalist look. They’re also perfect for rooms where a chimney just isn’t realistic.

Electric fireplaces are also budget-friendly. Prices range depending on size and style, but they’re the most affordable option. They also cost a fraction of the price of other fireplaces to run daily.

Gas Fireplace

Gas fireplaces are very efficient, easy to use, and environmentally friendly. They can be turned on and off with a push of a button and come in limitless designs! Traditional, modern, minimalist – you can find it all with a gas fireplace.

Keep in mind that they have to be installed by a professional gas fitter. For your safety and to ensure your warranty, have your venting system checked.

Wood Fireplace

If you want that nostalgic crackle and the homey smell of wood, you need a wood fireplace! Wood burning fireplaces have specific requirements for installation, and each one must have a chimney.

You can choose either a stone fireplace or a factory-built fireplace. They both have benefits and drawbacks.

Trendy Products to Up Your Fireplace Game!

Now is the time to invest in your space and make your home as cozy as possible. A charming fireplace is an excellent addition to any room! And with trendy products to style your space, you'll be falling in love with it every day.

At We Love Fire, we take pride in our knowledge and expertise when it comes to fireplaces. If you're ready to upgrade your indoor or outdoor space, contact us today! Our friendly experts can guide you through the whole process.

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