Six accessories to make your barbecuing life easier

Grill accessories have become more refined and precise over the years and the next season will be no exception. Gloves, shredding claws, cedar boards and other items will surely make your grilling experience more pleasant and delicious! Here are more details on these great items.

Out with mitts, in with gloves

Gloves are overcoming any weaknesses mitts may have had by facilitating handling of plates and objects. Some are made of suede, others of aramid fibers, a synthetic fiber resistant to heat and used in the aerospace industry.  Some of the most interesting features are that they can be used by right-handed and left-handed people alike, they are useful both in your indoor and outdoor kitchen and they are machine washable. They are also fitted with silicone insertions to provide a better grip.

Give a great taste of smoked wine to your meats with Napoleon Wine Soaked Cedar Wood Plank.Wine and cedar boards reunited

If you enjoy cedar board cooking, this wine-soaked cedar grilling plank is definitely for you. Made of untreated wood it confers a smoked wine flavor to all your foods and, just like the pink Himalayan salt plank, this wine-soaked cedar grilling plank is a wonderful alternative to traditional cedar boards.

Napoleon shredding claws are a must to make shredded meatShredding claws

If you are looking for an easier way to make pulled pork, beef or chicken, these stainless-steel shredding claws are a must! On top of doing a great job of shredding your meats, they can also be used to hold your foods in place while cutting or to move your piece of grilled meat right into your plate.

Roasting peppers and tomatoes

This stainless-steel vegetable roast rack is great for roasting peppers and tomatoes and is sure to make full-time as well as part-time vegetarians quite happy. Vegetables can be elevated while cooking thanks to a few convenient openings of variable dimensions. While using this wonderful veggie roast rack for the first time, be sure to try our delicious recipe of grilled peppers stuffed with vegetarian Chili.

Protecting your terrace with a carpet

In the heat of the moment, a mess or an accident can happen quite fast. By inserting this specialized fireproof carpet under your barbeque, not only will you protect your deck from stains and messes, but you’ll also get extra protection against fire. Furthermore, this carpet is very easy to clean.

The scraper, the alternative to the BBQ brush

Some issues have been raised regarding grill brushes’ bristles. A new solution then emerged, the scraper.

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Manassas, VA

Winston's Chimney Service
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