How to choose a barbecue brush?

As some issues have been raised, are you a worried about cleaning your grill with a brush? Know that, by selecting the right tool, you can minimize any risk. A new option has even been designed to eliminate risk. Here is a short guide to help you carefully choose your next brush.

Stainless steel grill brush

Brass bristles and stainless steel brushes are two options available on the market, but the latter is a more durable one. Indeed, brass can even "create problems regarding the stainless steel plating," says François St-Martin, director of Maçonnex’s Stoves and Homes Division.

A drawback with stainless steel, however, is that you will need to change your brush every year. “Over time, residues, grease, and particles accumulate inside the brush. When exposed to freezing and thawing, there is a risk of contamination", warns Mr. St-Martin.

Several designs and quality levels

As with barbecues, you will find a wide range from cheap to high-end variations.

In addition to the basic brush, you can purchase a stainless steel bristles brush with an interchangeable head. If you are looking for this product, "choose a bigger one, for better handling, which is not made of wood and will not deteriorate rapidly," advises the director. With a spare brush at hand, you will ensure the best possible condition, especially if you need to change it many times a year due to extensive use.

The Grill Daddy Pro is a worthwhile alternative since it combines both a brush and water, which helps to dislodge particles. In contact with the hot grate, the liquid turns into steam which softens the residues. "It can last as long as it is not cracked or broken," says St-Martin. Be careful not to leave water in the tank that will freeze in the winter and may damage it. This barbecue brush is more expensive than the other options. However, its interchangeable heads to renew every year lower the costs.

A hairless innovation

Napoleon Cedar Grid Scraper

Good news for those who are more concerned with bristle brushes, a novelty is quietly emerging on the market: A spatula, in the form of a wooden scraper, a renewable material. This product can be designed with cedar, a softwood that will eventually take the form of the grid over time. As for maple wood, it will take longer to shape, but will also last longer.

Sold both in the United States and Canada respectively for 3 and 2 years, the scraper has won the vote of the director. "I think this is what will revolutionize the principle of cleaning the barbecue because it is extremely ecological, without any risk, and at the end, it works even better than a brush since it marries the form of the grid, "he says.

How much will you pay for this product? Between $18 and $25 based on the type of wood. Depending on how often you use it, it can last from one to two years. If your grill is made of cast iron, its longevity could be reduced, and you might need to buy two over a period of one year.

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