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Which Charcoal Kamado is the Best?

Which is the best kamado grill? Big Green and Primo share the lead position for quality and craftsmanship. Is there an advantage to use the oval shape over the round? I wanted to share a personal experience at using both.

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Are wood fireplaces and wood stoves legal to use in Canada?

The straight answer is yes, and it is true in every Province. But what are the requirements? First, let’s talk about the regulations in place and upcoming ones. What is mostly known as a regulation on the Market is the EPA Certification. The EPA is the Environmental Protection Agency in the USA. The EPA has…
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Can a Fireplace Heat my Whole House?

Can a fireplace heat my whole house? With rising heating bills, a fireplace may be the solution to lower heating cost while making your home warmer than ever. Find out how to choose the right fireplace to heat you whole house.

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