Are Soapstone Stoves Worth The Initial Higher Investment?

At the end of last year, we introduced soapstone stoves. This heating appliance provides several advantages, but its acquisition cost turns out to be higher than conventional stoves. Is the investment worth it? The answer is yes. Here is why.

What Are Soapstone Stoves?

Let’s briefly underline the nature of the soapstone stoves. These specially designed stoves are made from stone called steatite or soapstone. This material is a unique stone that has an incredible heat retention capacity combined to an amazing and constant heat radiation benefit. This allows to maximise heat output while using less fuel for the fire.

Highly efficient and clean burning, soapstone stoves store more heat, with respect to their weight, than any other natural material. Indeed, this type of stone has twice the iron or steel storage capacity per pound. Soapstone absorbs massive amounts of heat, which then radiates for hours. These stoves will even continue to heat your home long after the coals have died down. Soapstone stoves typically produce a fire up to 70% hotter than a standard wood-burning appliance. This type of stone can generate a large amount of heat from a small amount of fuel.

Some premium stoves and fireplaces are designed with soapstone panels on the firebox sides, back, or top. They provide many of the same benefits as stoves made entirely with soapstone.

Why Are Soapstone Stoves More Expensive?

Many soapstone stoves are handmade. This significantly adds to the beauty and prestige of these units, but it is more expansive. Additionally, many soapstone pieces are ornately detailed which can also raise the price. These appliances can also come in shades of blue, black, and gray, which further set them apart from a standard wood-burning stove.

Besides the additional aesthetic features, soapstone stoves are also very easy to maintain. The surface is non-absorbent, which makes them easy to clean and highly durable. Units with soapstone inserts or panels are also typically less expensive than units made entirely of the soapstone material.

Are Soapstone Stoves Worth The Initial Higher Investment?

With a soapstone stove, you will pay a premium for both the look and the efficiency of the unit. If you use your heating appliance regularly, then a soapstone unit will save you time and money because you will not have to add fuel to the fire as often as you would with a standard unit. These appliances make a solid investment that you can benefit from for many years.

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