Fireplaces: What’s new

If you’re thinking of changing your stove or fireplace in the near future, take a look at the great new products that have appeared on the market in the last few months. Several manufacturers have come up with innovations to meet consumers’ needs and comply with high quality and environmental requirements.  Here’s a quick overview of some recent products to consider next time you visit your local fireplace store.

Ambiance Elegance 36

According to Caroline Hardy, administrator at the Boutique du Foyer de St-Hyacinthe, the Elegance 36 model by Ambiance has it all. This wood fireplace is one of the units with the lowest particulate emissions. It emits 1.77g/hr, which is much lower than the latest 4.5g/hr standard.

The interior is made of soapstone, an outstanding material that yields excellent results in terms of heat management. Its heat absorption is 15% higher than fire bricks, and it radiates heat five times faster.

The gravity heat management system is another excellent feature of this unit, according to Ms. Hardy. Since it operates without electricity, the hot air, produced in large quantities, rises without any help and spreads throughout the room or to another room close by.

Among the other interesting features of this EPA-certified fireplace, it has an innovative and unique patented air control that allows for longer clean combustion. The Elegance 36 offers a variety of styles and a better view of the logs and fire than other models.

Valcourt FP15 Waterloo

FP 15 Waterloo, new Valcourt wood-burning fireplace

Looking for a wood-burning fireplace that complies with the strictest standards? Just like the Elegance 36, the FP15 Waterloo by Valcourt ranks among the best. At 1.6g/hr, its emissions are well under the 4.5g/hr standard.

“What is especially interesting with this fireplace is that it uses a non-catalytic system,” explains Valérie Lavoie, SBI’s director of sales for the American market. “The air flows through tubes and passes through several circuits to reach a high temperature in which the particles will ignite.” This feature reduces maintenance requirements (versus a catalytic system).

This “great heating beast” also boasts high energy efficiency (95,000 BTU) and a capacity to burn for over 10 hours. The Canadian manufacturer is currently working to create more traditional facades for 2018.

Valcourt FP16 St-Laurent

FP 16 St-Laurent, a decorative wood-burning fireplace

If you’re interested in something out of the ordinary, have a look at the FP16 St-Laurent by Valcourt. This model is a decorative wood-burning fireplace with guillotine glass doors (and fire screen), which means that they open and close vertically. “The guillotine control is quite unique. The whole system works very smoothly,” according to Ms. Lavoie. The door is also equipped with a latch so it can be opened from the side for easier cleaning. This model stands out among other guillotine fireplaces for its linear shape, which gives it a modern look.

Ambiance gas logs

Cherry Grove, Ambiance radiant logs

In the world of gas units, Ambiance launched two types of logs this year in collaboration with the renowned company Hargrove. Radiant Logs were created to provide heat and warm you up. Regular Logs are meant to provide a great fire presence for those who love the cozy atmosphere without heat. Both were designed with very realistic details and can come with an optional programmable remote control so you can adjust the intensity of the fire.

Below is a list of fireplace and grill stores that service Virginia (VA)

Manassas, VA

Winston's Chimney Service
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Hearth & Home Shoppe
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Roanoke, VA

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For more information, contact your local fireplace and grill store..

4 Responses

    I purchased and had installed the Elegance 36. Unfortunately local codes does not allow you to fire up the box until the wall is complete. Although I love the look and the Optional hot air kit... the Blower Kit is TERRIBLE. it blows absolutely nothing at all into the room. If it worked like the blower on the hot air kit it would be great, but it is a waste of electricity and was a big waste of my money! Had I known that before hand I would have went with another company. But unfortunately codes say the wall must be complete and inspected before the first fire. Maybe the company could create a stronger blower to replace the crappy one. Because if "you" install your own after market one, it voids their warranty. In the meantime I am screwed.
    • Dominique Page
      Hi Kimberly Thanks for your message and comment on the Elegance 36. We love that fireplace and hope you will as well, once you fire it up. As per the blower kit, I am sorry you do not feel good about it. The way the air moves with that blower kit will indeed not make you feel it much. The fan is 130 cfm, and the air will go up in the hot air gravity as well as above the door opening. Since the air is dispersed this much, you will not feel much air movement. Still, 130 cfm is moving. If you want to increase the hot air transfer, there is a forced air kit available from that manufacturer. It has 270 cfm. It pulls the heat away from the fireplace to another room below or near the fireplace. It really works well. Maybe this would be your best option before closing the wall. Dominique
  2. Marc
    I have the ambiance elegance 40. There are not any reviews on these units and nobody ever has them on display. This unit is terrible. I just installed and have been running all season. If you want a 3 hour burn time and smoke in you face everyone you open the door then This stove might be for you. There seems to be a design flaw. If I could return it I would do it in a heartbeat. Above poster is correct, fan is cheap and doesn’t move much air but stove gets hot enough it really doesn’t matter.
    • Dominique Page
      Hi Marc Thanks for reaching out. We would love to help. I personally own an Elegance 42 in my living room. It's been the best wood fireplace I have ever had. The heat production is amazing. In order to help out, we have two options: - Please email us at, or - Call the manufacturer at (514) 593-4722 and ask for Tech Support. Thanks again for reaching out, and please use one of the two options above. Dominique

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