What to Know About an Outdoor Fireplace

Being currently the hottest home accessories trend, outdoor fireplaces are increasingly becoming more popular. They are an interesting addition in backyards during the summer and allow their owners to enjoy a longer outdoor season. If you are considering adopting it, be sure to find out before beginning the project. Although an outdoor fireplace doesn’t have the same complex considerations as a masonry fireplace built into your home, there are some things you should know before you build. There may be more options than you’ve realized, and some insightful tips could help ensure that you get maximum enjoyment from your backyard fireplace.

Check with Local Authorities and HOAs

Every community has its only regulations and guidelines for how building plans can proceed. The building codes where you live may be strict or they may be lenient. Either way, it’s important to check before building an outdoor fireplace so that there are no problems should you ever decide to sell your home. It’s also important to check with your homeowners’ association (HOA), to be sure your plans for an outdoor fireplace are in keeping with community guidelines.

Choose the Fuel Type

You may already have a style in mind for your outdoor fireplace, but are you aware that you can choose between wood-burning fuel and gas? With wood, you get the traditional fire with the woodsy scent, crackling logs, and shifting embers. With gas, you get a clean, convenient fire that can be easily started and adjusted by remote control.

Decide on Function

Another choice to make as you decide on an outdoor fireplace is what the function will be. Is the fireplace intended for entertaining? If so, do you want to include the fireplace as part of an outdoor kitchen project? If all you really want is to enjoy hassle-free time around a fire, a fire pit may be the ideal option. If a backyard fireplace is something you want and you also like to grill, the fireplace and grill could be combined. Gas outdoor fireplaces can be used to create gorgeous, cozy, and/or elegant spaces. Glass can even be used on an outdoor gas fireplace, to ensure the safety of pets and children.


Firepit Hearthstone

Choose the Construction Type

If your outdoor fireplace is fueled by gas, it will likely be a stainless steel unit. If you are building an outdoor fireplace that burns wood, you have many options. Your outdoor fireplace could be made of concrete and, if desired, veneered with stone, stucco, or brick. Clay can also be used to build an outdoor fireplace, but it is a material prone to cracking. The most popular material for outdoor fireplaces is concrete and other choices are cast iron, aluminum, and steel.

Decide on Size and Placement

An outdoor fireplace can be a favorite gathering place for friends and family. Whether it is or not often depends on where the fireplace is placed and whether the size of the fireplace is right for the space. Consult with a professional at any of our member stores, for help determining which size and which placement is best for an outdoor fireplace in your backyard. This expert will assist you in making the right decisions while taking your budget into consideration.

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For more information, contact your local fireplace and grill store..

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