12 Reasons to adopt the Gas Fireplace

Gas fireplaces have become incredibly popular appliances for home heating. There’s actually good reason for all the hoopla. Check out the dozen good reasons that contributed to this rise.

1 – Minimal Maintenance.

As compared with wood-burning fireplaces, gas fireplaces require very little maintenance. Annual inspections are highly recommended for gas fireplaces, as with all solid fuel-burning appliances. The maintenance of a gas stove involves such things as cleaning valves and making sure fuel connections are in good condition. There’s no creosote to clean when you use a gas fireplace, which also simplifies maintenance.

2 – Venting Options.

No chimney in your home? No problem. Gas fireplaces can be vented in a variety of convenient ways. Gas fireplaces and gas stoves can be vented directly through a wall.

3 – Ambiance.

There is nothing to compare to the wonderful ambiance created by a fire in the fireplace. Gas fireplaces are different from wood-burning appliances, because they don’t actually burn wood, but the flames provide warmth and a cozy atmosphere, just the same. Decorating the hearth to create a certain celebratory mood is an American tradition, particularly during various holidays.

4 – Romantic.

There is no need to go out somewhere to enjoy a romantic setting, if you have a gas fireplace in your home. Add a soft bear rug and all of the other benefits of these convenient-to-use appliances to the mix, and you’ve got a romantic getaway in whatever room your gas fireplace has been installed.

5 – Convenient to Use.

Once the gas line is run in order to operate a gas fireplace, your fuel connection is all set. There is no way to compare the convenience of a gas fireplace with the hassles involved with wood-burning. While many don’t consider the steps to be a hassle, the need to cut wood, stack logs, dry out the firewood, and finally haul wood into your home is certainly a lot to do as compared to operating a gas fireplace.

6 – Simple to Start.

Getting a fire started in a gas fireplace is as easy as using a remote control, turning on a switch, or adjusting a thermostat. The incredible convenience of gas fireplaces is among their most popular features.

7 – Zone Heating.

You can cut off the central heating unit and zone heat your home in winter. With gas fireplaces, zone heating couldn’t be simpler. They provide sufficient heat to keep you warm wherever you are in the home, and the flames go to work instantly.

8 – Beautiful Options.

Innovation in gas fireplace design is truly remarkable. The style and design options for gas fireplaces are numerous. You can install gas fireplaces conveniently in just about any wall. With some models and with proper installation, the gas fireplace can be installed in a wall and viewed from the rooms on either side. Instead of flames coming from realistic ceramic logs, you can choose a more modern look, such as flames dancing across glass or faux rocks.

9 – Add Home Value.

The value of a home can be increased by anywhere between 6% and 12%, according to real estate research. As a home improvement project, installing a gas fireplace in your home is an excellent investment.

10 – Environmentally Friendly.

Gas is energy efficient and environmentally friendly. There are fewer emissions in the air when you use gas, compared to other heating options. The efficiency ratings of gas appliances average about 80%.

11 – Versatile Installation.

The above-mentioned venting options contribute to the benefit of versatile installation. Zero-clearance models are available, and they can safely be nestled against combustible materials. Due to their versatility, installation of a gas fireplace is possible just about anywhere, as long as there is a gas line to hook it up to.

12 – Lower Heating Costs.

Especially if you use gas fireplaces for zone heating, you can lower your utility bills by installing a gas fireplace in your home.

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