8 Reasons to Choose Gas Logs

Have you ever looked into the benefits of today’s gas log sets? Fireplaces are a favorite feature among homeowners, and gas logs provide additional features that are appreciated by many for your home: For those who don't know their characteristics and for all others interested in knowing more, the following are among the advantages of choosing gas logs.


Lighting gas logs is quick and easy, which means there is minimal hassle to enjoying a delightful fire in your home. You may be able to simply flip a switch or use a remote control to get your fire started. Forget about buying or chopping firewood, seasoning or drying out firewood, or stacking and storing it. No need to worry about spiders and other creatures possibly getting into your home by riding piggyback on logs. Convenience is the top feature which inspires people to switch to gas logs.

Chimney Fire Prevention

While maintenance and cleaning are still important, gas logs produce a lot less creosote and soot in the chimney lining. There is a much smaller risk of a dangerous chimney fire, when you enjoy the warmth provided by a gas log set.

Authentic Appearance

Today’s gas logs are much more realistic than earlier efforts to recreate the cozy look of a fireplace with burning logs. Ceramic logs are molded to realistically mimic wood logs. The faux logs have ax marks, knotholes, branches, and natural bark patterns. Some gas log sets include glowing embers. There are many different types of logs to choose from in gas sets, such as walnut, birch, driftwood, and oak.

Affordable Installation

The total cost involved with buying and installing a gas fireplace in your home can be as little as $5,000, and the potential return on your investment if you sell your home is high. In fact, if you sell, you can count on getting back about 90% of the cost to add a gas log set to your home.

Lower Utility Costs

Zone heating can be accomplished with convenient gas logs sets. When zone heating, you only heat the part of your home that you are currently occupying. This approach is most effective in seasons when central heating is more than what’s needed. It costs less to only use the amount of energy needed for the amount of warmth needed.


There is a wide variety of gas log sets to choose from, and you will sure find one that fit in your decor. There are absolutely stunning styles of gas logs, including sets that can be viewed from two separate rooms. Among the many styles are traditional, eclectic, rustic, and minimalist.

Environmentally Friendly

There are few pollutants that result from using natural gas or liquid propane for a gas fireplace set, making gas logs an environmentally friendly choice. If you are among the millions who have grown to be more conscious of the importance of protecting the environment, gas logs may be the right choice for you.

Easy Maintenance

Regular maintenance is important for gas log sets, but it is much easier than dealing with a wood-burning appliance. The things a professional will look for in maintenance include checking for breaks or cracks on the faux logs. In addition, there are certain components of gas fireplaces which need to be replaced regularly.

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