4 Summer 2018 Backyard Design Trends

Even if summer is still far away, are you already thinking about the next time you will enjoy the warm rays of the sun in your backyard? Despite not being able to do so for the next few weeks, you can start planning now your dream outdoor room. Here are four backyard design trends that will likely end up in yours this summer.


For years, homeowners have questioned : “Why” someone would add an “open air” pergola to their backyard? However, with more awareness and education, homeowners are now savvier and this style of pergolas is trending upwards very quickly.

What are the benefits? For architectural purposes, pergolas completely change the appeal of a backyard, and the amount of time a homeowner can spend outside greatly increases.

Some interesting features:

  • Ceiling fans are being added not only to create a cool breeze, but because they are very beneficial in creating a “bug and mosquito free zone”.
  • Lights are being added for both aesthetics and functionality.
  • Inexpensive radiant heaters are being added under the rafters to allow this “open air” outdoor room to be functional and comfortable well into the later months of the year.

Granite is King- Granite has gradually become the most popular type of countertop for outdoor kitchens. Granite

Year after year, granite has increasingly become the most desired counter top for outdoor kitchens according to Mr. Renfroe. There are multiple customization options available. “Not only customers can choose from several traditional polished granite colors, but Housewarmings Outdoor programs also allow customers to pick a finished leather and chisel sculpted granite edges,” he says. Furthermore, this material is durable.

Making use of existent spaces- Installing equipment in an existing space reduces the investment needed.Making use of existing spaces

As homeowners are becoming more knowledgeable with the “outdoor living” products, they find it is easier to maximize the use of their existing spaces, rather than investing large amounts of money to create a “new space” for their outdoor living products. We are seeing more and more homeowners installing outdoor products (kitchens, pergolas, fire pits, etc) in areas that could be considered non-typical.

Homeowners are becoming more creative:

  • Large kitchens with stone finishes are being installed on 1st, 2nd, and even 3rdstory decks.
  • Pergolas of all types are being installed on these same elevated decks, or even in the center of a backyard with grass as their flooring.
  • Even the back side of driveways are being used to create a space for a homeowner “outdoor living area”.

Stand alone outdoor gathering center: You can create an independent room in your backyard by setting up an outdoor gathering center.Stand-alone outdoor gathering center

Over the past year, we have seen a significant increase in the popularity of “outdoor gathering centers”. These are areas that are independent of the home and creates an additional “zone” in the backyard. Typically, these “outdoor rooms” are being designed as weather protected structures and can function as a year-round gathering spot.

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