A few tips for a good camp fire

Some people go camping regularly while others just do it as a one-off experience. Camping is, however, a very popular experience. If you’re among those planning to escape to the wilderness this summer, don’t forget you need to prepare in advance, even when it comes to building a camp fire. This will help you to make the most of your getaway and avoid unpleasant surprises.

What you need to build a camp fire

You may find it hard to light a fire if you don’t have the right tools. The wood available where you’ll be camping might not be any good due to the condition it’s in. Poor quality damp logs will only cause smoke rather than beautiful flames.

If you’re allowed to do so in the area where you live, bring some well seasoned dry logs, as well as some kindling, newspaper, and a lighter. If you’re short on space, simply bring the last three of these items or even, you may travel even lighter by just taking newspaper and a lighter, as well as one or two Firestarter briquettes.

A good method

Try to remember all the tips you picked up at Scouts because you’ll need them! If you’ve never roamed the woods with a group of young people, don’t worry, it’s straightforward enough.

Use balls of newspaper and firewood for the base of your fire and continue building it with twigs or small pieces of wood to form a conical shape. Finally, prop a dry log in the middle to form a "teepee". Then try to light your fire. If it doesn’t catch, blow more air on to the fire.

Before night falls

Enjoy natural lighting by starting your fire before dusk. Doing this earlier has further benefits, including more heat as the sun sets and smoke to keep the mosquitoes away. Also, you have to admit that barbecued food tastes so much better!

When it’s time to go to bed, put out the fire with earth or sand, making sure there’s no sign of it being alight before you go to sleep.

For food lovers

Do you love food? Take some hot dogs with you for a savory snack and marshmallows for something sweet. You can toast these two delicious foods over a camp fire on the end of a stick. Add some cookie dough for a truly original dessert, as cooking that on a camp fire makes it taste like bannock, a Native American bread often associated with camping.

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