Is an Electric Fireplace Right for You?

You dream of enjoying the warmth and the cozy ambiance of a fireplace, but your home has limitations for a proper installation? An electric fireplace or stove might be a good option. This appliance will still create a great ambiance while being versatile, affordable and safe.

Today’s electric fireplaces and stoves are designed to closely resemble the real flames produced by a traditional fireplace. Although electric units don’t use fire, homeowners can expect to enjoy a clean, safe and efficient heat source. This is could be an asset when there are small children or curious pets in the home.

How do electric fireplaces and stoves operate ?

Inside an electric fireplace, there is a faux fire – typically produced by, bulbs or LED lights that reflect off rotating metal fingers to create a visual that’s remarkably close to an actual burning fire. Technology is constantly evolving on these lifelike flames and many other techniques are being used to mimic the real flame look.

The heat source runs on the same principle as any other electric heater, with electric currents heating up specially designed coils. This heat is then distributed into the room via a quiet fan.

Convenient and eco-friendly heating appliance combined with style

Fireplaces and stoves that run on electricity create no emissions and require no evacuation or chimney. They can be placed anywhere in a room as long as there’s a power outlet in reach. Because the surface stays cool, you can set the unit next to a wall or a piece of wooden furniture. The electric fireplace can also sit on a wood or carpeted floor.

Beyond these benefits, electric fireplaces come in several styles. Some are made to be stand-alone heating units; others are made to be built into a wall. These appliances can become very stylish with decorative fire glass, rocks and logs.

Is it a good option for me ?

Built-in or wall-mount, these fireplaces are good choices when there is limited space in the room in which a fireplace is to be located. Stand-alone units will take up some space, but in rooms where space isn’t an issue, these models make handsome additions.

The heating element in electric stoves and fireplaces typically uses 1,500 watts of energy with an output of between 4,000 and 5,000 BTUs. The units include heat controls to manage the amount of heat filling the room, and many have controls to set the brightness of the faux fire.

With most models, you can operate the “flame” and the heat independently. This allows you to create a beautiful fireplace scene without creating heat – perfect for 95-degree evenings when you have the air conditioning running full blast.

In summary, electric fireplaces and stoves are a great choice because they’re simple to operate, very safe and more easy to install. Many consider that it is advantageous to be able to place their new unit virtually anywhere in the house to create great aesthetic appeal and a steady flow of predictable heat.

Below is a list of fireplace and grill stores that service Virginia (VA)

Manassas, VA

Winston's Chimney Service
11301 Industrial Road
Manassas, VA 20109

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Mechanicsville, VA

Hearth & Home Shoppe
8151 Mechanicsville Tpk
Mechanicsville, VA 23111

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Roanoke, VA

Dixie Building Products Inc.
3342 Melrose Ave NW
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Warrenton, VA

Costello's Warrenton Fireplace & Hot Tub
251 West Lee Hwy
Warrenton, VA 20186

For more information, contact your local fireplace and grill store..

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