Can I put a TV above my fireplace?

If, like many homeowners, you wish to create a warm relaxing area in your house, combining your fireplace and your entertainment system is a brilliant idea. Imagine watching your favorite movie while enjoying the flickering of a fire.

But heat and technology don’t always work well together, so installation is a key factor.

Depending on the type of fireplace

If you own a traditional open wood hearth, the heat emanating might be too high and cause damage to your television. Furthermore, certain residue can impair its functioning. You will need to verify the surrounding temperature. Wait until your fireplace is at its hottest and place a thermometer where you are planning to install your TV set. Then follow recommendations found in your owner’s manual; the maximum heat your television can withstand should be clearly identified and is usually within range of ambient temperature, so a maximum of about 40o Celsius.

It is simpler to install your home entertainment above a more modern fireplace that generally features closed doors. In any case, the owner’s manual should be read since it holds crucial information on heat exposure.

Certain electric fireplaces are built directly within a television unit. A few simple connections and you’ll be relaxing by the fire, watching your favorite movie.

Preventing risks

In order to protect your television from certain risks, here are a few tips:

  • Insert it in a niche, build within the wall, thus providing insulation.
  • Install a shelf; located between the heat source and your electronics, it will serve as an insulator, keeping heat further away and protecting your TV.

Think ergonomics

It is mandatory to calculate 4 to 12 inches of clearance between the top of your hearth and your home entertainment unit. Therefore, and depending in the height of your fireplace, your TV might be installed a little too high for comfort. By fixing it on an inclinable mount, you will be able to pivot it, thus preventing neck pain that are quite frequent, due to lack of ergonomics.

Practicability and aesthetics

Apparent wiring on the floor and walls are sure to compromise your beautiful decor and jeopardize that essential sense of well-being.  So plan ahead and identify the spots where your decoder, DVD or Blu-Ray and other electronics will be placed. You might consider adding some shelves to make them all fit perfectly.

A certified electrician is crucial to help you finalize the best and safest design. He might add wiring or outlets to complete connections. A professional will also guide you regarding security, especially with a gas of wood fireplace.

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For more information, contact your local fireplace and grill store..

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