Top 9 Benefits of Installing a Zero-Clearance Fireplace

Whether looking for an alternative heating system or looking to add more personality to your living room with a fireplace, all of the options out there can make it challenging to choose. No matter what fuel you prefer (natural gas, propane, or wood) a zero-clearance fireplace may be the best option for you.

Zero-clearance fireplaces are factory, pre-fabricated fireplaces that they can be safely installed near combustible materials. They are less expensive and more efficient than masonry fireplaces, as well as conveniently designed to fit in tight places, on second stories and require no expensive foundations. A zero-clearance fireplace is a smart and attractive addition to any home.

Here are the 9 benefits more in detail:

  1. Can be installed in any home:These appliances can be used in any home, including mobile homes in many cases (it is important to check the model information to ensure it is listed fora mobile home).
  2. Low maintenance and easy to operate:These appliances are designed to be easy to use and to require less maintenance. You will not have to worry about expensive masonry or chimney repairs.
  3. Convenient installation:Pre-fabricated in a factory, installation requires much less time and work than masonry fireplaces. Manufacturers strongly recommend that zero clearance fireplaces be installed by factory trained, or National Fireplace Institute certified professionals(United States)  in order to insure that the fireplaces are safe and operate properly.
  1. Reduced installation costs:There is much less labor involved in the installation of zero clearance fireplaces and their chimney systems relative to masonry fireplaces. Additionally, expensive concrete foundations are not required for zero clearance fireplaces.
  2. Fits in tight spaces:Zero-clearance fireplaces have a greater amount of insulation than masonry fireplaces. This added insulation makes it unnecessary to leave a buffer zone between your fireplace and combustible materials allowing it to fit into tighter spaces than other appliances.
  1. Increased efficiency:Open-hearth masonry fireplaces have as low as 10% efficiency whereas zero-clearance fireplaces can have up to 70% efficiency.
  1. You pick the fuel type:Whether you prefer the convenience of gas, or want to use an environmentally friendly fuel like wood there is a zero-clearance fireplace fit for you.
  1. Many styles to choose from:There are many different styles and sizes to choose from to fit your home and cater to your taste. It is important to choose a fireplace that is the right size for the space it is installed in. Choosing a fireplace that is too small or too large is not wise. It is smart to speak to a professional who can help you choose the right model for you.
  1. Adds character to any home:A zero-clearance fireplaces allows you to enjoy the cozy atmosphere and attractive appearance created by having one or more zero clearance fireplaces in your home.

By the way, you can find great information on how to design what surrounds your gas fireplace in this article from our friends at Whether it is installed indoors or outdoors, you will find helpful information on the best materials to use and the styling around the fireplace. We love the portion where it talks about the best activities to do around a fireplace!

Below is a list of fireplace and grill stores that service Virginia (VA)

Manassas, VA

Winston's Chimney Service
11301 Industrial Road
Manassas, VA 20109

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Mechanicsville, VA

Hearth & Home Shoppe
8151 Mechanicsville Tpk
Mechanicsville, VA 23111

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Roanoke, VA

Dixie Building Products Inc.
3342 Melrose Ave NW
Roanoke, VA 24017

Warrenton, VA

Costello's Warrenton Fireplace & Hot Tub
251 West Lee Hwy
Warrenton, VA 20186

For more information, contact your local fireplace and grill store..

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  1. Carolyn randall
    Hello Were can we buy and what are the costs Thank you! Carolyn
    • We Love Fireplaces and Grills
      Hello Rosie! You will find your local retailer on this link: You only need to enter your ZIP Code in the blank space provided. The team will gladly answer any questions you have regarding the costs depending on your project.
  2. Jeff Parker
    If I install a zero clearance wood fireplace, later on could I install gas logs in it and no longer burn wood?
    • We Love Fireplaces and Grills
      Hello Jeff! Thank you for reading our blog. Your question is very good. Some wood fireplaces do have a gas knockout plate. It means that they can be ‘converted’ to gas, with a gas logs set. When buying your wood fireplace, make sure that this option is available and listed in the owner’s manual. If not, then that fireplace cannot be converted. As a rule of thumb, EPA High Efficient Wood Fireplaces do not have that option, while ‘Decorative Wood Fireplaces’ mostly do have the gas knockout built-in. Hope this answers your question. When contacting one of our dealer partners, make it known to them that the possibility of converting to gas logs in the future is important to you. The dealer will then guide toward the proper wood fireplace. We informed one of your local fireplace dealer part of our group about your question. An expert will shortly contact you for further information. You can also find your local store on this link: Have a nice day and a great fireplace project!
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