Do you barbecue using gas, charcoal or pellets?

With the barbecue season approaching, you’ve probably started dreaming of barbecues and evenings outdoors with friends. But you might not realize what tools you need to be an excellent barbecue chef! With all the different models available on the market, it can sometimes be difficult to choose. However, one thing’s sure - whether you choose gas, charcoal or pellets, you’ll find the right appliance for you.

The versatility of gas

If you’re looking for versatility and simplicity, gas barbecues are the most popular model and may be the answer to all your needs. They come in different sizes and are made for both professionals and beginners. Also, you can take portable appliances to different outdoor events.

One of the great advantages of gas barbecues is their flexibility to cook in different ways. Chefs can cook their food directly or indirectly and some barbecues go the extra mile with an infrared setting, a rotisserie, a charcoal grill, and even a smokehouse!

The taste of charcoal

You need some skills to use a charcoal barbecue but their biggest fans love the unbeatable taste from the smoke the charcoal produces during cooking. So, if this is the most important aspect for you, you’ll probably opt for this model straight away, even if you have to make a little extra effort.

There are two main types of charcoal grills. These are the "Kettle", with its round vat made from steel or porcelain, and the Japanese-style "Kamado" grill. This is made from ceramic in the shape of a large egg, so you can sear, cook and smoke on it. In addition to hot smoking, you benefit from both direct and indirect cooking options.

Pellet grills – technology and simplicity combined

Technology is evolving and barbecues using wood pellets are a prime example. These work using electricity and have several features including an electronic thermostat and an auger screw to make it much easier to use. In just a few quick and easy steps, you’ll be cooking like a pro chef!

Using these barbecues, you can grill, smoke, roast, cook and braise your food. Their real benefit, however, lies in slow cooking due to the low temperatures they can operate on. If you love unique flavors, you’ll really appreciate this as you can use different types of wood to add a special flavor to your dishes. You can even buy a Louisiana Grill smoke box as an option for cold smoking.

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