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Who are We at WE LOVE FIRE?

You simply can’t deny the fact that fire ignites the soul. Whether fueled by gas, pellets or wood and as the centerpiece to your home or at the bottom of your neighbor's garden, fire’s really got what it takes. Use it for heating, lighting, cooking or simply gazing at. Fire is as old and as wonderful as the history of mankind!

This is the way we feel and reflects our love and passion for fire, which is what we’re hoping to pass on to you.

Nothing warms the heart more than fire!

WE LOVE FIRE is an inspirational site designed to enlighten and inform you about the exciting world of fireplaces and barbecues. We’ll guide you through the various design options, helping you to choose and even to finance your project.

We’ve got tips, ideas for decorating your interior and practical information on fireplaces and barbecues. You’ll definitely find the information you’re looking for. Over and above this, we not only give you the answers you need but we also hope to share our passion for fires with you, fueling your passion as we go!

We’re more than a website, we’re a real center of knowledge and expertise!

WE LOVE FIRE is part of the United Buyers Group, a group of independent retailers specializing in fireplaces, stoves and barbecues. By visiting our knowledge center, you’ll find out why United Buyers Group has established such a solid reputation over the years. In fact, more and more independent retailers are joining us.

Genuine experts are here to help

WE LOVE FIRE’s partner retailers offer you the best products on the market. Their main aim is to help you find the products and accessories that best suit your needs and your lifestyle. Of course, we have solutions for every budget too.

The experts who work for WE LOVE FIRE’s partner retailers have up-to-date training to understand and anticipate trends in their specialist field and to monitor developments in the industry. They also have an in-depth knowledge of their products and are bang up to date when it comes to the latest technological advances, including repair and installation techniques.

We’re proud to offer you very competitive prices. As a group of retailers, we buy our stoves, fireplaces and barbecues in bulk. Therefore, we’re able to offer you low rates to match your budget.

For more information, contact a WE LOVE FIRE’s retailer partner near you.

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