Who We Are

Who are We at WE LOVE FIRE®?

There’s no denying that fire warms the heart and ignites the inner soul. The ability to control fire was one of the most dramatic changes in the habits of our earliest ancestors, from the beginning of civilization. Making a fire to generate heat and light also made it possible to cook food.

Today, whether it’s fueled by wood, gas or pellets, fire is still the centerpiece and main focus in your home. That feeling inside reflects the passion and love for fire we have ... and we want to pass on to you!


WE LOVE FIRE® is intended to be an inspirational website. We spend lots of time and energy in order to enlighten and inform you about all the splendid options in the fireplace and barbecue industries. We’ll help guide you through design options, assist you to choosing a product and if you’d like, even finance your project.

Take some time and enjoy browsing our site for:

  • Detailed product information.
  • Inspiration from our online galleries of ideas.
  • Interior design and décor tips for your home.
  • Answers to frequently asked questions.
  • Expert advice on important topics.
  • Fun and creative new grilling recipes to try.
  • Maintenance and service tips for fireplaces, chimneys and BBQ equipment.
  • Instructions on how to get the most enjoyment from your purchase.
  • Unbiased, accurate and truthful information regarding safe operating practices.
  • Find us in a city near you!

Above all, we not only want to give you the answers you need but we also hope to share our passion for fire with you ... so, you too can LOVE FIRE!


WE LOVE FIRE® is part of an organization called the United Buyers Group® (UBG). The UBG is a network of 300 independent and locally owned fireplace and BBQ specialty retail stores throughout the United States and Canada. By regularly and freely sharing our knowledge and ideas with each other, our dealer base has established a solid, industry wide reputation for excellence. That’s why more and more local, independent businesses are joining us.


Our specialists have up-to-date training to understand and anticipate trends and to monitor developments in the industry. They also have an in-depth technical knowledge of their products. We consistently stay up to date with the latest technological advances, including service and repair, installation techniques and code requirements.

As a group of independent retailers working together and sharing ideas, we combine our purchasing clout and buy our products jointly. By doing so, we’re in a better position to offer you terrific values and very competitive pricing with every transaction.

Our objective at WE LOVE FIRE® is simple. We want to help you in selecting the best products and accessories, that best suits your lifestyle, at the best prices available. That’s why our expert dealers are ... well, the best!

So, contact a WE LOVE FIRE® retailer partner near you. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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