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Spotlight on the BBQ events in June

Signs that summer is coming are the several barbecue festivals in June. In addition to Edmonton, New York, Washington, Toronto, and Richmond annual events, Quebec City will host two events including Le Grand Boucan, a new competition endorsed by the Kansas City Barbeque Society. Here are more details about what not to miss!

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Tailgate Parties all November Long

The warm weather is coming to an end, but it does not mean you cannot still enjoy your barbecue with your family and friends! Several tailgates might just bring your passion for sports to the next level.

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Barbecue Events in August

If, like us, you love everything about fire and would like to take your passion beyond your own four walls, Canada and the United States have plenty of events where you can indulge. In August, there are several events on the calendar and we have lots to choose from!

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Barbecue events in July

If, like us, you love fire and would like to indulge your passion further away from home, it’s good to know that, in Canada and the United States, there are many events that will allow you to do just that. July will be a barbecue month with several events.

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