I am writing this because something truly extraordinary happened in my dealings with Hearth and Home Shoppes. I recently had them repair my fireplace (gas fireplace that would not ignite). The technician was professional, polite, and did a thorough job, wearing shoe-covers and all of the things they should do when working in your home. So the extraordinary starts here. I do not want to get into too much detail but I felt there was a billing discrepancy, no one's fault, just it is what it is. I contacted their office and had a conversation with customer service, a calm, professional conversation with them. Honestly, I came away believing I misunderstood or misheard them when setting up the service. I left that call feeling the matter was settled and no harm, no foul, I would use them again in the future. Two weeks later I look in the mail and there is a refund check! Now H&HS could have walked away from this hands clean and they would still have my business. But they didn't, they decided for whatever reason to, in their mind, make it right. Am I making too big a deal of this? I don't think so. This experience is rare to non-existent. When I called to tell them how blown away I was they put some of the onus on me because of my demeanor on the call. Fine, thanks, I get it. But they still could have walked away and still had my business (3rd time I said it, I know)! If Google had a 10th star I would have checked it. I wholeheartedly endorse Hearth and Home Shoppe for their great service and their exceptional moral fiber!

Greg Lingo, (via Google - Mechanicsville VA)