Salter's was one of many places we planned to visit yesterday to find a new wood stove - it just happened to be our first stop. After spending time looking around and getting insight and information from Eric, we felt confident about what we wanted, but felt it our due diligence to still check out a few more stores. We had done research prior to going out, so had a good knowledge base to what we wanted, price points, and products. My husband & I got back in our car, discussed it, and a few minutes later, walked back in to purchase the stove. We both own our own businesses, and felt that the experience we had with Eric - his time, his expertise, his generosity in information about other products (that they don't even sell, but that he was knowledgable about) - was the exact experience we ourselves hope to leave our clients with. We feel it's not always about negotiating for the very cheapest price, but recognizing there is an essential value in the experience offered by a business and their expertise and concern for clients. In the process of the actual purchase, we also were offered help and communication from Jay, one of the owners, who was just as lovely as the sales guy, Eric. At lunch after we left, I must have said to my husband 5 times, "I can't believe how nice of an experience that was!" It's just not that common nowadays to leave a store feeling as great as we did with our experience there. I'm very happy to have found such a great local company that we will surely go back to! Thank you.

S. Kitch, (via Google - Eagleville PA)