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Electric Fireplace Maintenance

Electric fireplace equipment does not need a lot of regular routine maintenance. Keeping the batteries fresh in the remote probably tops the list. Most require AAA’s. Cleaning the kids’ fingerprints from the glass can be done with a common household glass cleaner using a non-abrasive cloth. Let the glass thoroughly cool before cleaning. And, if…
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When to Use an Electric Fireplace?

Anytime and/or all the time is the answer to this question! That’s because leaving the flame and lighting effects on for several hours a day, costs just pennies! Much has been said about the spectacular effects of today’s electric fireplaces, so why not enjoy them every day? The colors, media options and the inexpensive costs…
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Do electric fireplace really heat?

Yes, they do! But, if you’re hoping that an electric fireplace will heat the majority of your house, you’ll need to adjust your expectations. Think “supplemental heat”, particularly in the area within 10 – 15 feet of the fireplace. The heating element on many electrics is 1500 watts. This translates to about 5100 BTU’s of heat.…
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Electric fireplace surrounds

A surround on a fireplace can mean a couple of different things to people. It might refer to the decorative front around the glass. Or, it may mean the finishing material around both sides and the top of the fireplace. Part of this finishing may or may not include a mantel. There is not a…
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Electric fireplace stands

There are some manufacturers that package a fireplace and small cabinet or stand together and sell them in the big box stores or the local hardware store. This is typically low-end, inexpensive equipment and cabinetry that most people are not happy with after they get it home and assembled. The main advantage with this, of…
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Electric fireplace QVC

Our recommendation is to purchase an electric fireplace at your WE LOVE FIRE® dealer. There is nothing terribly wrong with places like QVC. But they are interested in only three things:  1) sell stuff, 2) sell stuff, and 3) sell more stuff. Developing a rapport with customers and understanding their needs and what their expectation is, product…
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Electric fireplace mantels

Depending on the final, finished look you’re after, a mantel usually adds a touch of class to a fireplace installation. There are no specific mantels for electric fireplaces, or gas models or wood burning equipment. A mantel is a mantel! The difference between the three types of fireplaces are the required clearances for its installation. Wood-burning…
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Who installs electric fireplaces?

Anyone can plug an electric fireplace into an existing wall outlet. However, hard-wiring an electric fireplace is a different story. Depending on local codes, hard-wiring an electric fireplace is a project that a competent DIY’er might tackle. If regulations allow it and you have experience and knowledge of electrical practices and basic construction skills, go…
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How to install an electric insert?

An electric fireplace insert is intended to be put inside an existing wood-burning fireplace. You install an electric wire into the hearth by running it up the clean-out chute in a masonry fireplace. If yours is a zero-clearance fireplace, you can install the electrical supply directly through the steel side wall of the existing fireplace.…
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How to install an electric fireplace?

Once you’ve decided on the type of installation, the owner’s manual will have specific details for framing, securing the unit, wiring, and clearances. Most electric fireplaces come with a plug on a six-foot cord. Depending on the installation, many fireplaces are hard-wired. A qualified electrician will remove the corded connection and wire the appliance directly…
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Will my electric fireplace heat an entire room, house, basement, or garage?

An electric fireplace could reasonably be expected to heat an insulated room up to a couple hundred square feet of space. Think of the heat from an electric fireplace as "supplemental" to your primary heat source. Many homes have been designed and built to heat with electricity. However, heating with an electric fireplace should complement…
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Will an electric fireplace heat my room?

Many variables affect how much space an electric fireplace will heat. House age Type of construction Condition and size of windows and doors Sidewall and ceiling insulation levels Southern Orientation Prevailing winter winds Etc. And obviously, a home in Northern Canada will have different heating requirements than a house in the Carolinas. Many people use…
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