How to Update and Modernize a Gas Fireplace

Your old gas fireplace clashes with your modern tastes ? There are some inexpensive ways to transform your tired-looking gas fireplace into a sophisticated, modern fireplace that both provides warmth and enhances your décor. Here are some suggestions to highlight the range of the possibilities.

Replace Your Gas Logs

The biggest update you can give to your appliance is a change in your hearth. You can improve the appearance of your fireplace by switching the current logs for a new set that provides a more appealing look. The ceramic logs for gas fireplaces have improved through the years so that they mimic certain types of wood with great detail. They are complete with cut marks and branches.

Modern gas fireplaces aren’t limited to realistic looking logs, however. Glowing faux embers and a bed of coal are among the enhancements that can give your gas fireplace a nice upgrade. Fire glass chunks provide the most dramatic change, and they are available in many styles. These chunks are crushed, tempered, and tumbled stained glass. The sharp edges are removed in the process.

The following are some examples of the products available today that are perfect for modernizing a gas fireplace:

  • Blue, green, red, and yellow fire glass
  • Charred wood style ceramic fiber logs set
  • Birch and oak style ceramic fiber logs set
  • Colored fire stones
  • Geometric shapes

Change the trim color of your gas fireplace

The feature of a gas fireplace that makes it seem more dated than anything else is often the trim color. Brass fixtures are now outdated and need to be replaced or painted. It has been a couple of decades since brass trim was considered stylish. High temperature spray paint provides a simple way to make this change that will give your gas fireplace a noticeable update and improvement. Follow the instructions of whatever type of product you purchase, but here are basic instructions for painting the trim of a gas fireplace:

  • The first and most critical step is to shut off the valve or pilot light to the gas fireplace before using the highly flammable spray paint. If you don’t know how, refer to the manufacturer’s manual.
  • Second, if there is a glass panel on the fireplace, remove it. This step makes the task easier, but it may not be completely necessary. Also, remove logs and the embers. If the paint you are using is black, you could also use it to do touch-ups inside the fireplace. Most heat damage to paint usually occurs on the inside.
  • The third step is to use painters tape and construction paper to protect the area around the fireplace that isn’t being painted.
  • Now you’re ready to paint. Follow instructions, but you will usually spray in back and forth motions about 8 inches away from the surface. One to two coats should be enough. Allow the paint to dry before turning the pilot light back on. It usually takes about an hour before the fireplace can be used again.

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